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Last Updated:  Monday, 24 March, 2003, 13:50 GMT
War reporter 'absolute professional'
ITV reporter Terry Lloyd
Terry Lloyd, a veteran war reporter
A friend and former colleague of Terry Lloyd has paid tribute to the missing journalist.

Mr Lloyd, 50, is believed to have been shot dead in southern Iraq while working for ITN.

Derby journalist Lucy Orgill, who has known Mr Lloyd since he was 16, described him as an "absolute professional who went along with everything he was supposed to do".

She also paid tribute to his sense of humour.

"There was the serious man that we saw in the war zone, and there was Terry the social animal and the joker.

He was a man who had dealt with a lot of tragedy and was not afraid to show his emotions
Lucy Orgill

"He was very refreshing type of man.

"He visited us about six weeks ago and was joking about being fitted for a new suit - a nuclear, biological and chemical suit.

"For a long time Terry had regularly visited Derby to see his mother before her death about 18 months ago and would always look in on her elderly neighbour."

Mrs Orgill said Mr Lloyd's family was "absolutely devastated and can't understand how this could have happened after all the dangerous situations he has been in before."

Mr Lloyd was with cameraman Daniel Demoustier when he went missing.

'Friendly fire'

Mr Demoustier, who escaped with injuries, said they were hit by "friendly fire" aimed at two nearby vehicles containing about a dozen Iraqi soldiers.

The Ministry of Defence is investigating the incident but has not commented further on whether friendly fire was involved.

As well as assignments in Lebanon and Cambodia, Mr Lloyd was known for an award-winning stint in Kosovo.

Mrs Orgill said his family had been touched by tragedy before, including the death of his father Aled, a policeman, who had been killed in the early 1970s in a road accident in the city as he attended a 999 call.

Wife and children

His actor brother Kevin, who played DC Tosh Lynes in The Bill, died in April 1998.

"He (Terry) was a man who had dealt with a lot of tragedy and was not afraid to show his emotions," said Mrs Orgill.

"Many of us thought that the Terry we saw on TV was a different man, the Terry we knew was so kind and so funny."

He is survived by his wife Lynn, and two children, daughter Chelsey, 21, and son Oliver 11.

The BBC's John McIntyre
"A veteran of numerous conflicts"

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