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Last Updated:  Sunday, 23 March, 2003, 20:39 GMT
Tributes paid to lost ITN man
British soldiers discover an arms cache in Kosovo
Mr Lloyd was the first Western reporter into Kosovo
Family, friends and colleagues have paid tribute to missing reporter Terry Lloyd after ITN said he is now believed to be dead.

Many from the world of journalism praised the outstanding qualities of the man who was ITN's longest-serving correspondent and one of their best known faces.

And Mr Lloyd's family told of their grief at the loss of a "brave and courageous" man.

ITN said on Sunday evening the evidence led them to believe that it was likely Mr Lloyd had died after his vehicle was fired on, probably accidentally by US forces.

In a statement, his family said: "Terry was a brave and courageous man. He died doing a job he loved and we are very proud of him.

He was a man who had dealt with a lot of tragedy and was not afraid to show his emotions
Lucy Orgill
"The news of Terry's death is deeply distressing for us."

Former BBC war reporter Martin Bell said Mr Lloyd was "clearly a brave and dedicated man".

"I always found him a very fair competitor and I had a great admiration for his professionalism.

"He was not a person who would take unnecessary risks.

"This is a dangerous war for the people reporting it as well as fighting it."

Mr Lloyd was one of the "unilateral" reporters, travelling freely around the war zone, as opposed to the pool reporters "embedded" in a military unit.

'Dangerous situations'

Mr Bell added: "There is always pressure to come up with pictures no one else has got."

Friend and journalist Lucy Orgill, who had known Mr Lloyd since he was a 16-year-old agency reporter in Derby, said friends were finding it hard to come to terms with his loss.

"They are all absolutely devastated and can't understand how this could have happened after all the dangerous situations he has been in before.

Defecting Khmer Rouge guerrillas and their children
Mr Lloyd was in Cambodia in 1997
"He visited us about six weeks ago and was joking about being fitted for a new suit - a nuclear, biological and chemical suit.

"For a long time Terry had regularly visited Derby to see his mother before her death about 18 months ago and would always look in on her elderly neighbour."

She said Lloyd's father Aled, a policeman, had been killed in the early 1970s in a road accident in the city as he attended a 999 call.

"He was a man who had dealt with a lot of tragedy and was not afraid to show his emotions," said Mrs Orgill.

"Many of us thought that the Terry we saw on TV was a different man, the Terry we knew was so kind and so funny."

The National Union of Journalists said Mr Lloyd's loss was "a terrible tragedy that must be investigated", and called on the Ministry of Defence to launch an inquiry.

"He was a fine reporter who paid the price for his bravery," said National Broadcasting Organiser Paul McLaughlin.

Successful career

David Mannion, editor of ITV News, said: "Terry's record as an outstanding journalist speaks for itself.

"He was my oldest, dearest friend, but I am sustained that he died doing what he did best, at the peak of his powers and at a time of his life when he was personally and professionally the happiest I have seen him.

"Everyone at ITV mourns the loss of Terry Lloyd," said ITV Controller of News, Steve Anderson.

"He had a long and successful career with us and it is tragic that his life has been cut short in this way."

Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith was among those from outside journalism who paid tribute to Mr Lloyd.

"This is a moment to reflect that some of the best journalism takes place in the line of fire in order to get the kind of stories we have seen.

"The pictures we see in the news are not without cost and our thoughts go out to all the families of those who are reporting in Iraq and the Middle East."

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