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Interactive Essays - War in Iraq
Watch and read the experts' views, then have your say

Jerry Taylor
Jerry Taylor is an oil expert at the right-of-centre Cato Institute in Washington. He's fed up with anti-war protesters saying that war against Iraq is all about oil.

Stephen Hayes is a journalist for the Weekly Standard and is now reporting for the magazine from the Gulf. He says America's role as a superpower must be to bring to the rest of the world what is now seen as a uniquely American value: freedom.

Akbar Ahmed is an academic and a world-renowned "ambassador" for Islam. But he has angered many of his fellow Muslims by asking them to examine why it is that the interpretation of Islam seems to be the source of the clash of civilisations.

Dr Patricia Lewis is the head of the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research in Geneva. She believes that the war on Iraq could encourage other states to develop nuclear weapons.


The Bishop of Guildford, John Gladwin, says it's difficult to justify the war in Iraq. He urges politicians to remember that war is evil, and always a last resort.

Yitzchak Schochet is Rabbi at Mill Hill Synagogue in London. He says that Tony Blair has a moral obligation to do what he feels is right for the sake of the country.

Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra is an imam in Leicester and a member of the Muslim Council of Britain. He says that war against Iraq is both immoral and illegal.

The Catholic Bishop of the Forces, Tom Burns, remembers his own service in the Gulf, and says that from the outset, war is always a tragedy and a defeat.


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