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Quiz: Are you drinking too much?
New figures have shown that at least six times as many Britons are hooked on booze than Class A drugs.

And every day 13 people die as a direct result of alcohol misuse.

Is the UK's drinking getting out of hand? How much do you know about what's safe to drink, what's not, and what impact it has?

The guideline limits on safe drinking are between three and four units a day for men, and between two and three units for women. But which of the above drinks represents only one unit?
A: Large glass of wine
B: Pint of lager
C: An alcopop
D: A short
In any given week of the year, what proportion of the population claim to have been abstaining?
A: 10%
B: 20%
C: 40%
But isnít some drinking supposed to be good for you?
A: Yes, thatís right
B: No, itís an urban myth
C: Only for certain people
Red wine in particular has been linked with several health benefits Ė all of these except which one?
A: It helps prevent the common cold
B: It helps prevent herpes
C: It helps prevent tennis elbow
Women in particular are drinking more than in past years. But women of which of these nations are most likely to be non-drinkers?
A: Ireland
B: England
C: Wales
According to Alcohol Concern, "this sort of product is aimed at a market which just really wants to drink to get drunk." What?
A: Newcastle Brown Ale ice cream
B: Deco, a lager-absinthe mix
C: Two-Buck Chuck, a US wine selling for just $1.99 a bottle
Once alcohol is in your body, it can end up variously as sweat, boozy breath, or a visit to the loo, and what's left is broken down by the liver. But how large a share of the task does the liver take?
A: 10%
B: 50%
C: 90%
You have a heavy night mid-week. By midnight, you are slightly more than twice over the drink-drive limit, and you walk home from the pub. Next morning, feeling a bit groggy, you get up at drive to work at 7.30am, and get done for drink driving. Possible?
A: Yes, possible
B: No, by that time I would be all right
About 3.8 million people are thought to be dependent on drink in England and Wales, six times the number hooked on drugs. How does funding for treatment compare?
A: Drugs services get six times as much
B: About the same
C: Alcohol services get twice as much
Bridget Jonesís Diary, 1 January: ď9st 3lb (but post-Christmas), alcohol units 14 (but effectively covers 2 days as 4 hours of party was on New Year's Day), cigarettes 22, calories 5,424.Ē Not many women are as careful as Bridget at keeping a record of their drinking, though. Approximately what proportion?
A: 3%
B: 13%
C: 33%

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