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Hitlerisation: Lessons from history
Hitlerisation n 1. The trend for the dead Nazi leader Adolf Hitler to enter and even dominate part of a nation's cultural life, esp the school and college syllabuses. 2. The attempt to liken a person or figure to Adolf Hitler (To Hitlerise or to become Hitlerised). 3. The emulation of the political tactics of Hitler's Nazi regime, 1933-45.

CURRENT USAGE: "At the heart of the charges of 'Hitlerisation' in examination courses is that in many schools Nazi Germany is prominent in the GCSE... and it is then revisited at AS or A-level." Annual Report of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools, 05/02/03.

ROOT: school inspectors "observed more lessons on Hitler than on any other subject" in the history curriculum. However, "there is little evidence of over-emphasis" in the teaching of children 11-14.

DISPUTED USE: British history lessons have been Hitlerised, according to the German ambassador to the UK, Thomas Matussek.

"There is an obsession right through school with Hitler and Stalin." cf. Stalinisation.

APPLIED TO: "Slobodan the Terrible has, quite rightly, been demonised and Hitlerised." Tom Brown, Daily Record, 22/04/1999.

ALSO APPLIED TO: "Bush is the new Hitler." Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz, Corriere della Sera, 14/02/2003.

Saddam Hussein is ''worse than Hitler''. President George Bush, Snr, 1990.

ALSO SEE: Hitlerism. "The ambitions of Hitlerism, militarism, and communism were defeated by the will of free peoples, by the strength of great alliances, and by the might of the United States of America." President G W Bush, State of the Union address, 28/01/03.

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