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Last Updated:  Friday, 14 March, 2003, 12:55 GMT
Four jailed over mistaken identity killing
Three men and a woman have been jailed in connection with a murderous attack by door staff on an accountant who was the tragic victim of mistaken identity.

The murder of Naresh Shah appeared completely motiveless.

At around 2100 GMT on a Saturday night in March 2002 a gang of men broke down the door of the 45-year-old accountant's home in Hounslow, west London.

Jason Grant...described by police as a "headcase"
He was stabbed seven times in the groin, legs, chest and back, suffering fatal injuries to his heart and lungs.

Mr Shah was found a few minutes later by his sister, Meena, and mother, Revanti, who lived next door but had popped out to fetch him a veggieburger.

His sister told BBC News Online: "There was nothing we could do. He was too badly injured."

Police initially thought the murder was linked to his work as a chartered accountant and auditor and took away hundreds of files.

But Mr Shah was the victim of mistaken identity.

The intended target was a Kosovan man, Xhafer Ismaili, who was engaged in a dispute with the bouncers at Yates's Wine Lodge in Hounslow.

Wrong house

The Old Bailey heard that a friend of one of the bouncers, 22-year-old Kelly Gale, believed Mr Ismaili lived in Hibernia Road but she pointed out the wrong house and Mr Shah was attacked before the gang realised he was not the intended victim.

Town centre CCTV cameras caught the doormen leaving the pub, where they were on duty supposedly protecting the public, and returning nine minutes later after the attack on Mr Shah.

Paul Hilton tried to get hold of CCTV tapes to hide his crime
Their trial heard the doormen had drafted in Jason Grant, 21, to help in the attack. He was described by police as a "headcase".

After stabbing Mr Shah he licked blood from his fingers and said how he loved claret.

On Friday he was jailed for life for murder.

Three of the door staff - Mark Young, 33, Paul Hilton, 23, and Samantha Easton, 25 - were convicted of conspiracy to cause GBH.

Young was jailed for eight years, Hilton for six and Easton for two.

Two other doormen, Aslam Khan, 35, and Yassa Rafiq, 20 - were earlier acquitted of murder and conspiracy to cause GBH.

Mr Khan and Mr Rafiq told the court they left the house when they realised what was happening.

Miss Gale was also acquitted of conspiracy to commit GBH.

It was unusual for four men to be wearing suits in that location on a Saturday night but when other evidence came in we realised they were doormen and that was their uniform.
Detective Chief Inspector Ian West

Judge Graham Boal said Grant had shown no remorse and added: "This reinforces my conclusion that you are an extremely dangerous young man from whom the public will need protecting for a very long time."

Detective Chief Inspector Ian West, who led the investigation into the murder, told BBC News Online: "We initially had no idea why Mr Shah had been murdered.

"But then a witness said he saw men in suits running away."

DCI West said: "It was unusual for four men to be wearing suits in that location on a Saturday night but when other evidence came in we realised they were doormen and that was their uniform."

A man who worked in the CCTV control room came forward and told police Hilton had requested the tapes from the evening of the murder.

Samantha Easton...jailed
Police checked on Hilton and their inquiries led them to Yates's, where he worked. They learned of an ongoing tit-for-tat dispute between the door staff and Mr Ismaili.

The doormen were not licensed - Hounslow Borough Council, unlike many local authorities, has no such scheme.

Mr Shah's brother Atul said: "A void has been created by not having my brother Naresh with us to share our days, our nights, our meals, our family and friends.

"We can only hope the barbarians who did this will get the maximum possible punishment and their nightmare will begin as ours will never end. We will never forgive or forget what these murderers have done."



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