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Tuesday, 4 February, 2003, 11:21 GMT
Events leading to execution
Jackie Elliott
Elliott's only hope is a last-minute reprieve
An 18-year-old woman was found dead beneath an underpass in Austin, Texas, after being struck 32 times with a motorcycle chain.

British man Jackie Elliott has been executed for her murder but his lawyers claim he did not kill her.

On Friday, 13 June, 1986, Suffolk-born Jackie Elliott, 43, was one of four men who saw Joyce Munguia waiting at a bus stop.

They called her over to join them in the driveway of the home of one of the men, Ricky Elizondo.

They drank some beers and vodka together and snorted some cocaine.

Joyce Munguia
Joyce Munguia had a baby aged one
The four men walked her to the spot where she later died after having sex with several men.

The prosecution alleged Elliott raped her and then collected the murder weapon from Elizondo's home before killing her. Her blood was found on his clothing.

Six months after his arrest, he was convicted of rape and murder and given the death sentence.

He told the trial he had consensual sex with Ms Munguia but denied rape.

And Elliott also told BBC News he witnessed the death of Joyce Munguia but denies killing her.

His lawyers specialised in tax law and had never previously tried a capital case.

Lie detector

Two of his co-defendants testified against him and had their charges reduced.

Ricky Elizondo was originally charged with murder but pleaded guilty to sexual assault and was sentenced to ten years.

He claimed he ran away when Elliott began the attack and washed his clothes when he got home.

Austin, Texas
Joyce Munguia was found beneath this underpass
But he did admit he owned the motorcycle chain and often wore it as a belt.

Danny Hanson claimed he left the scene before the killing and denied having sex with her. He faced no charges at all.

The fourth man, Pete Ramirez, was not allowed to give evidence after failing a lie detector test.

He was convicted of sexual assault and given a 15-year prison sentence.

Elliott's legal team had hoped that new DNA tests would point the finger at other suspects.

They wanted samples taken from the crime scene - Mr Hanson's blood-stained shoes and vaginal swabs and semen - to be tested to show who was present and who had sex with her that night.

But the request to carry out the tests was rejected by the courts.

Previous conviction

Elliott was born in Felixstowe, Suffolk, in 1960, where his father, a serviceman, was based at a nearby US air base.

The family left the UK when Elliott was six months old, and he spent much of his childhood growing up in the projects of Austin.

Aged 18, he was convicted of murder after a gang of teenagers fired guns aimlessly in the street and killed someone.

The judge only sentenced him to four years after question marks were raised about intent and whether Elliott fired the shots.

While on death row, Elliott claimed to have conquered the drug and alcohol addictions which plagued him and has become a Christian.

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