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 Thursday, 19 December, 2002, 10:39 GMT
Quiz: 52 weeks, 52 questions
What do you remember about 2002? Here's a chance to test your knowledge of the year's events in the third instalment of BBC News Online's monster news quiz.

A ceremonial sword in a glass case, three boxes of crockery, a white metal pepper grinder, records by the likes of Supertramp, Leo Sayer and Abba, and a greetings card from Baywatch star David Hasselhoff. What?
A: Some of the 300 items looked after by Diana Princess of Wales’s former butler Paul Burrell – he was cleared of stealing the objects from her estate
B: Some of the 9,000 lots at the auction of the contents of Enron’s London office
C: Some of the wedding gifts given to Liza Minnelli and David Gest
Who offered $1m to solve a back-to-front pop problem?
A: Sir Paul McCartney, keen to placate an angry Yoko Ono over his plan to switch song writing of some Beatles songs to “McCartney and Lennon”
B: Missy "Misdemeanour" Elliott, who invited fans to decipher a backward lyric on her racy rap single Work It
C: The makers of Popstars: The Rivals, who launched an inquiry after Javine Hylton - a favourite contender - was voted off the TV show amid accusations that her supporter’s votes had gone to someone else by mistake
Which documents were called a "monstrous free gift to terrorists"?
A: Birth certificates of dead British babies, fraudulently obtained by criminals to create false IDs – a scam taken from Frederick Forsythe’s novel Day of the Jackal
B: The plans to Britain’s first atomic bomb, Blue Danube, available for perusal at the Public Records Office
C: E-mails unwittingly sent unencrypted by UK government ministers, MPs and civil servants, thinking that prying eyes cannot read them
A black crepe kitten heel with three gold roses across the top. Shoes fit for…?
A: Tory chairman Theresa May - who wore leopard-print kitten heels at her party’s conference. For helping boost nationwide sales of the shoe, she was presented with a special pair as thanks
B: Michael Jackson’s sons to wear out in public
C: The Emme doll – a more “realistic” wide-hipped doll battling it out in toyshops with the impossibly slim Barbie
"It's how you're born, and it's no different from being born Jewish, Catholic, short, tall or anything else.” Said by which leading Conservative politician, but about what?
A: Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, declaring himself to be a "quiet man"
B: Foreign affairs spokesman Alan Duncan, outing himself as the first openly gay Tory MP
C: Party chairman Theresa May, dubbed a style icon for wearing her leopard-skin kitten heel shoes at the party conference
President Bush fainted and fell off his sofa after choking on a pretzel while sitting alone with his dogs. According to the National Safety Council hundreds of Americans die each year choking on food, falling over or by being attacked by dogs. Put these causes of death in order, the most common first.
A: Falling off furniture, dog bites, food inhalation
B: Food inhalation, falling off furniture, dog bites
C: Dog bites, food inhalation, falling off furniture
Who was described by a professor of anatomy as being an "unexceptional man", apart from his former daily diet of two bottles of whisky?
A: Football legend George Best, given a liver transplant after years of alcohol abuse
B: The 72-year-old German man dissected by Professor Gunther von Hagens for a TV audience of 1.4m
C: Three Musketeers author Alexandre Dumas, whose body was exhumed and moved to lie beside Victor Hugo and Emile Zola in the Pantheon, Paris
Which respected institution was accused of employing "Enron-style accounting"?
A: The Church of England, which trebled annual church attendance figures by counting people who only ever pitch up to Christmas Eve services
B: Buckingham Palace, after the Queen decided to pay the rent for the tax-payer subsidised apartment in Kensington Palace the Prince and Princess Michael of Kent had been living in for next to nothing
C: The British Army, which was accused of having more than 10,000 "medically downgraded" soldiers – actually meaning they were unfit for battle
Who joined DJ Tony Blackburn, ex-boxer Nigel Benn, model Nell McAndrew, comedian Rhona Cameron, entertainer Darren Day, psychic Uri Geller and socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson in the Australian jungle?
A: Tory MP Ann Widdecombe
B: Wife of a former Tory MP Christine Hamilton
C: Former Breakfast TV host Anne Diamond
Following desert exercises, the British Army admitted that which bit of military kit only lasted 27 hours of use in the sand?
A: Rotor blades of Lynx helicopters
B: Challenger tanks
C: Boots
Which vessel was rescued by the MV Swan?
A: The Canadian river taxi carrying the Queen and Prince Philip which broke down mid-stream in freezing temperatures
B: The Carnival Fascination – one of several large cruise ships hit by outbreaks of stomach upsets which affected hundreds of passengers and crew
C: HMS Nottingham – the Royal Navy destroyer which embarrassingly hit rocks off Australia’s Lord Howe Island and needed a piggyback ride home
Which vehicle weighs 8.4 tonnes, has four-wheel drive, room for six inside and a top speed 50mph?
A: The Queen’s new bullet-proof limousine – a Golden Jubilee gift from luxury car maker Bentley
B: The 50-year-old Green Goddess fire engine, 827 of which were mobilised to replace red engines during the firefighters’ strike
C: The mechanical digger builder Ian Beesley allegedly used to remove a speed bump outside his house – he said the noise of lorries breaking as they approached the obstacle was annoying
"She was mortified at what she had done," judges were told. Who received six months probation for an almost unprecedented crime?
A: Hollywood actress Winona Ryder, who stole $5,500 worth of clothes from an exclusive Beverly Hills shop
B: Princess Anne, who became the first senior royal to be convicted of a criminal offence after her dog attacked two children
C: Welsh student Michelle Hughes, who took a friend’s car for a drive despite being drunk… and blind

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