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Wednesday, 11 December, 2002, 13:07 GMT
Who's your showbiz favourite?
Each weekend, BBC News Online profiles a figure who has had an impact on the week's news. All this week we want to know who has left the greatest impression on you.

Newsmaker Poll of 2002
  • 16 Dec: Choose between the 4 winners
  • The Newsmaker profile, which has been running each week on BBC News Online for three years, sets to take an original and thoughtful look at a character who has left a mark on the previous week.

    Who you think has had the most impact? Today it's the turn of Showbiz - characters are listed in alphabetical order. You can read more about any of them by following links to the original profile. Vote at the bottom of the page.

    Charlotte Church, just 16, but known around the world for her voice. As she went through the kinds of things all teenagers do, people were watching to see how she coped with her superstar status.

    Norman Cook, a.k.a. Fatboy Slim, managed to attract a quarter of a million partygoers to Brighton beach. He has been the most public face of a movement which has raised the status of the DJ to that of the international rock star.

    Jamie Lee Curtis was once known as The Body. But by saying that cosmetic surgery had made her look worse, that she now has the body of a 42-year-old woman, with "a soft, fatty little tummy" and "back fat", and that they Hollywood idea of perfect bodies is a myth, she tackled some of society's pillars.

    Angus Deayton was always armed with a one-liner to puncture the egos of those in the news. But when the man dubbed "TV's Mr Sex" was caught with his trousers down, fortune took a turn for the worse.

    Judi Dench has been a familiar face on TV screens for years. But with Oscars, Baftas, and every kind of award on her mantelpiece, she has secured her place as one of the most celebrated actors, someone who can "turn a whole line on a syllable".

    Bob Guccione gave the world Penthouse. And the world gave him a lot of money in return. But as financial woes hit his company, he warned that "adult" had nearly had their day.

    Jordan was never out of certain newspapers, for a variety of reasons. Whether it was the birth of her blind son, her fears of cancer, or merely for doing what made her famous in the first place, Jordan has been an ever-present character.

    Heather Mills' marriage to Sir Paul McCartney was the climax of a life which seemed to be half fairy-story, half tragedy. But despite her undoubted good works, not everyone took her to their hearts.

    Ozzy Osbourne would have to win the award for reinvention of the year, with his hugely successful MTV fly-on-the-wall series showing life for him and his family. It's a long way from Birmingham and bat biting.

    Tara Palmer-Tomkinson became famous for being famous. But as she was stranded in a jungle with a group of other personalities, she may well have contemplated the transitory nature of celebrity.

    An opera based on the Jerry Springer TV show is being staged by the Royal National Theatre in London. It's the latest strange twist for the man who confesses he is a ringmaster.

    Tom Wilkinson took his clothes off for money. As it was with the Full Monty, it led him to being one of Hollywood's favourite Englishmen and to a nomination for Oscar as best actor.

    This vote is now closed.

    On Monday, pick from the four winners.

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