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Saturday, November 8, 1997 Published at 12:35 GMT


Diana's brother makes fresh attack on press

Earl Spencer: tabloids 'operate on a level of sensationalism and destruction'

Princess Diana's brother, Earl Spencer, has made a fresh attack on the British press, describing some tabloid newspapers as 'evil'.

The Earl, who made a memorable and highly-controversial speech at his sister's funeral in September in which he criticised both the press and some members of the Royal Family, was speaking on South African radio.

[ image: Grief-stricken at Diana's funeral]
Grief-stricken at Diana's funeral
He said he would not take back one word of his Westminster Abbey address and admitted much of his life had been on hold since her death.

"My sister's death is so recent that I probably am not able to analyse what effect it has had on me yet," he said.

[ image: Flowers strewn on the island where Diana is buried]
Flowers strewn on the island where Diana is buried
Earl Spencer, 33, who has become patron of Lifeline, a telephone counselling service, said: "I have got no interest or desire for personal publicity. I am a very private person."

The earl, who now lives in Cape Town, said: "If one grew up in Britain one would have a hearty contempt for the tabloid media because it is so despicable.

"The main body of tabloid journalism in Britain is evil in its intent - it wants to destroy. They have no concept of the human soul.

"They are operating to increase circulation and to make their proprietors richer and if it means people committing suicide, being killed in any way or falling apart, having breakdowns or whatever, that's immaterial to them."

[ image: Earl Spencer's life has been on hold since the funeral]
Earl Spencer's life has been on hold since the funeral
Earl Spencer's strongly-worded attack came as fresh reports in the British press linked him with a South African ex-model Josie Borain.

There was speculation in Saturday's papers the couple could marry after he divorces his estranged wife.

But Ms Borain, who has a one-year-old son, denied she and the Earl were anything more than "just good friends".

The 34-year-old fashion journalist said: "Nobody is in a rush for that sort of thing. We see a lot of each other."

Ms Borain earned a fortune during the 1980s working for Calvin Klein, modelling his Obsession brand of perfume.

She accompanied Lord Spencer to his sister's funeral.

Lady Spencer is fighting a legal battle with her estranged husband, who inherited an estate estimated at £90m.

Earl Spencer has four children, two of them children by his estranged wife.

BBC Correspondent George Alagiah reports on the interview
Earl Spencer talks about the British tabloid press

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