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Wednesday, 16 October, 2002, 18:54 GMT 19:54 UK
Bali Britons' heartbreak, hope and heroism
Bali bomb survivors Rachel Griffiths (left) and Nicola Trott at Heathrow
British survivors have begun returning
British survivors of the Kuta Beach bombing have been describing the scenes at the Sari Club, as anxious relatives of those missing wait for news.

The Foreign Office has confirmed 11 British deaths, while a further eight people are awaiting positive identification and 13 are unaccounted for.

Of at least 37 Britons injured 19 are still being treated at hospitals in Bali, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The first confirmed British fatality from the blast was Marc Gajardo, 30, from Cornwall, who had been holidaying in Bali with his girlfriend.
Marc Gajardo
Marc Gajardo

The dead man's father told the BBC: "Our world has absolutely disintegrated. It has gone to shreds."

The uncertainty surrounding the fate of so many young Britons holidaying on Bali at the time of the attack is causing a huge amount of stress for their families back in Britain.
Stephen Speirs
Stephen Speirs

The family of a Scottish businessman, Stephen Speirs from Renfrewshire, say they fear he may be one of the victims.

Natalie Perkins, left and Laura France
Natalie and Laura
Two cousins from Sheffield, Natalie Perkins, 20, and Laura France, 18, may also be among those killed.

Their parents have issued a statement saying the pair are "missing, presumed dead".

Some of the Britons lucky enough to have escaped with their lives from the Bali bombing have been recalling their horror.

Backpacker James Woodley was on the Sari Club's dance floor when the explosion happened - he spoke of "just the most incredible explosion and the whole place had collapsed".

North Londoner Delane Brown had been in Bali for two weeks on holiday and was drinking with three friends at Paddy's Bar, across the street from the Sari nightclub when they heard two explosions.

He ended up searching for his friends in the aftermath of the explosion.

There have been emotional scenes at British airports as survivors reunite with their anxious families.

Nicola Trott and Rachel Griffiths both suffered injuries in the attack, and they broke down in tears after a tearful reunion at Heathrow.

Nick Burgoyne from Yarm on Teesside was caught up in the horror of the Bali blast but was still able to help treat the injured before photographing the aftermath of the attack.

He recalled: "There was glass and twisted metal, pieces of car and pieces of people, rubble, glass, and fires still burning."

Despite suffering injuries in the explosion, one woman ventured back into the wreckage of a bar in pitch darkness to rescue her friend.

Liverpool backpacker Mary King dragged Jamie Culshaw, also from Liverpool, to safety and the pair have vowed to continue with their travel plans to Australia.

Two British members of a rugby club have been killed in the Bali bomb blast and hopes are fading for four other players who are missing.

The Hong Kong-based Britons - members of an amateur rugby club - were in Bali to compete in a rugby tournament.

British footballer Alex Kevan survived the Bali bomb blast because he went to check the time of the England v Slovakia match.

The 21-year-old, who plays for the Brunei team BAFA, left the Sari Club to fetch his mobile phone so he could call a friend.

A British couple sacrificed their Bali honeymoon to help victims of the terrorist attack.

Policeman John McCreanor, 29, and his wife, Eugenie, a 31-year-old doctor, joined staff at Denpasar hospital when the number of wounded became clear.

Gary Dressel, 31, a sales rep from Fleet, Hampshire, said the British Government had done too little to help Britons on holiday in Bali.

He said: "One official told me to ring my mother to find out what was going on."

As families continue to search for their loved ones, 10 of the 11 Britons confirmed dead by the Foreign Office have been named.

They are:

Marc Gajardo, 30, from Carnon Downs, near Truro, Cornwall, who was travelling with girlfriend Hanabeth Luke, who survived. Mr Gajardo was confirmed dead by the Foreign Office.

Neil Bowler
Neil Bowler is one of two Singapore-based rugby players killed
Paul Hussey, 46, a hotel owner, originally from Hawkinge, Kent. Confirmed dead by the Foreign Office.

John Ellwood, 39, director of studies at International School, Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam, originally from Aldbury, Herts. Confirmed dead by the Foreign Office.

Ian Findley, 55, from West Pelton, County Durham, confirmed dead by a friend and travelling companion who identified the body in Bali.

Clive Walton, 33, from Sunderland, member of Hong Kong FC Vandals rugby team, confirmed dead by the Foreign Office.

Peter Record, 32, from the Hong Kong team, confirmed dead by the Foreign Office.

Neil Bowler, 27, of a Singapore-based rugby team, confirmed dead by the Foreign Office.

David Kent, another Singapore-based player, confirmed dead by the Foreign Office.

Douglas Warner, of Dorset had worked as an interpreter for the United Nations in East Timor and had planned to settle in Bali with his wife. Confirmed dead by the Foreign Office.

John Redman, 32. Confirmed dead by the Foreign Office.

Several others have been reported missing and hopes of finding them alive are fading. They are:

Natalie Perkins, 20, from Sheffield, was in Bali en route to Australia for a break before returning to the UK.

Laura France, 18, also from Sheffield, was travelling with Ms Perkins.

Tom Holmes, 39, unmarried, originally from Droitwich, Worcestershire, also a member of the Hong Kong FC Vandals rugby team and a dragon boat racing enthusiast.

Nathaniel, or Dan, Miller, 31, from the Hong Kong team, was travelling with his wife Polly. She has been taken to hospital in Australia.

Edward Waller, 26, also from the Hong Kong team.

Annika Linden, 29, originally from Surrey, was working in Bangkok as a hotel and tourism consultant, and was travelling with the players and her fiancÚ Mark Weingard.

Stephen Speirs, 36, originally from Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire, and from the Hong Kong FC Vandals rugby team.

Edward Waller
Edward Waller, 26, is among Hong Kong players missing
Chris Bradford, captain of the Singapore Cricket Club's rugby team, which was touring in Bali.

Chris Kays, 30, of the Singapore team, originally from the Reading area.

Tim Arnold, also playing for the rugby squad.

Emma Fox, in her 30s, from Pinner in west London, plus an unnamed friend from work. She texted her sister on Saturday afternoon to say she was going to the Sari club, and her family has not heard from her since.

Daniel Braden, 28, from Brighton, who worked for drinks company Diageo. He was on tour with the Taipei Baboons amateur rugby squad.

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