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Thursday, 10 October, 2002, 09:54 GMT 10:54 UK
The poem what we wrote
Thursday was National Poetry Day, and to mark the occasion, BBC News Online readers helped us write a poem throughout the course of the day.

The first two lines were suggested by the creator of Purple Ronnie, poet Giles Andreae. But it was up to you to write the rest.

Purple Ronnie
Giles Andreae - aka Purple Ronnie - recites the poem
Each hour during the day, we selected the best two lines from your entries, added it to the poem, and then re-opened the bidding for the further two lines. It was much like a game of poetry consequences.

At the end of the day, during a BBC News Online forum, Giles Andreae gave his verdict on the finished product: "I'm amazed by how skillful the nation is at rhyming and scanning," he said. Thanks to all who entered.

A Royal River Rescue

While sitting in a water taxi regal and serene
Something frightful happened to Her Majesty the Queen
(Contributor: Purple Ronnie, posted at 1054 BST)

The taxi was a-chugging, engine going strong
Then everything went quiet - Philip said "what's wrong?"
(C: Tim, UK, posted at 1133 BST)

Perhaps it was a scheduled stop, a chance to view the shore?
But one look at the driver's face, revealed t'was something more...
(C: Cassy, UK, posted at 1211 BST)

"A minor hitch, your Highness, it'll be fixed in a jiffy"
But with a cough, cough and a splurt, the promise sounded iffy
(C: Richard, UK, posted at 1229 BST)

It all went very quiet as the engines ceased to spin
And suddenly the Queen exclaimed: "You know - one cannot swim"
(C: Mel, UK, posted at 1238 BST)

The corgis all felt seasick, and turned a shade of green
And then a voice from on the shore said: "Oh God, Save the Queen!"
(C: Francesca, Manchester, posted at 1245 BST)

Suddenly a shape appeared, all long neck - can you guess?
"We've brought it over with us, it's the monster from Loch Ness!"
(C: Ann Riley, UK, posted at 1300 BST)

The corgis barked, the Queen remarked "Is that really Nessie?"
"Och aye the noo," the monster said. "Ah've come to save ye Bessie!"
(C: Jules, UK, posted at 1334 BST)

The monster pushed with all her might - a bit more than she ought to
The Queen lurched right, got such a fright, her crown fell in the water
(C: Kristie BB, UK, posted at 1411 BST)

"Don't worry, Queenie," shouted Phil, "I'll get it for you, love"
And in he jumped with such great haste, he gave the Queen a shove
(C: Marie Livings, England, posted at 1444 BST)

"A drowning crown, a screaming queen!" a passing mountie uttered
He dipped his toe into the drink and violently shuddered
(C: Tjeerd, UK, posted at 1509 BST)

The Queen she tottered, staggered back and ultimately fell
And reaching out to save herself pulled the corgis in as well
(C: Ian Howat, UK, posted at 1527 BST)

So dive the mountie did, beneath the waves he swam
To rise again with Queen in hand: this mountie gets his ma'am
(C: Chris Miller, Scotland, posted at 1545 BST)

The Queen told Nessie "Please push on, don't wait around for him
"Phil's always in deep water, and has long since learnt to swim"
(C: Tim Gomersall, UK, posted at 1554 BST)

Then with a ripple, splish and splash did Nessie disappear
And to this day she can be seen with crown upon her rear.
(C: Shaia R, posted at 1603 BST)

The Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen
The royal couple adrift in a water taxi while on a jubilee visit to Canada

Talking PointFORUM
Purple Ronnie
His creator answered your questions
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