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Commonwealth Games 2002

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Tuesday, 23 April, 2002, 10:33 GMT 11:33 UK
Take our St George's Day quiz
St George is the great unsung patron saint. But how little do you know about him and his day?

Where was St George born?
A: In Glastonbury, Wiltshire
B: In what is now Turkey
C: In the former Soviet republic of Georgia
How many times did he come to England?
A: He never set foot in England
B: He visited Dragon Hill in Berkshire and Glastonbury while on service with the Roman army
C: In spirit only, to appear before Richard the Lionheart on the eve of his departure to the Crusades
William Shakespeare was born and died on St George's Day. But which other famous English poet died on April 23rd?
A: William Blake
B: Rupert Brooke
C: John Betjeman
In which of the following sports is the St George's cup played for?
A: Golf
B: Croquet
C: Real tennis
Why did the English choose him as their patron saint?
A: As a dragon-slayer he had resonance for a nation which had defeated the Welsh
B: Because the expansion of the empire into Africa, India and the Americas were in areas previously shown as being populated by dragons
C: As a soldier who protested against the Romans' torture of Christians, he was first adopted during the Crusades
St George's Day is being marked in the centre of Birmingham by the installation of:
A: Giant inflatable thornless roses
B: Giant inflatable dragons
C: Giant inflatable members of the Archers cast
What does the banner of St George mean?
A: The red cross of a martyr on a white background
B: Red is for the rose, England's flower
C: The red cross symbolises his Christian faith
Up to 50,000 people celebrated St Patrick's Day in Trafalgar Square earlier this year in a £100,000 festival. According to London Mayor Ken Livingstone, did this:
A: Mark the "the enormous contribution which Irish people have made, and continue to make, to the economic, social and cultural life of this city".
B: Put "us lily-livered English into our snivelling places".
C: Represent "good value for money".
"Follow your spirit; and, upon this charge Cry God for Harry, England and St George!" Where does this come from?
A: Macbeth
B: Henry V
C: Henry IV, part one
What is the traditional way to celebrate St George's Day?
A: A day's holiday throughout England, when everyone dresses as Shakespearean characters
B: Everyone in England wears a rose
C: A few people ask each other why no-one in England celebrates St George's Day
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