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Friday, 12 April, 2002, 10:39 GMT 11:39 UK
Quiz of the week's news
There may be only seven questions in the BBC News Online quiz, but each of the 21 possible answers relates to the past week's events.

If you don't do very well this week, try again next Friday - this quiz is here every week.

"There is no way we would have asked him to take a swig of it." Who regrets encouraging drinking?
A: Aspen airport security, who made a teenage passenger sip a bottle of what they later found to be dirty river water
B: Mateus Rose, the Portuguese wine’s rebranding was derailed when Saddam Hussein came out as a fan
C: Russian border guards, one of whom went on a drunken shooting spree – killing four comrades
"Suffice to say that we are addressing these concerns and expect to be in business for years to come." Who sees a silver business lining?
A: Accounting firm Arthur Andersen, one of whose Enron auditors pleaded guilty to criminal obstruction
B: Penthouse boss Bob Guccione, admitting the web has killed off his once profitable porn magazine
C: Lloyd's of London, facing greater losses than expected due to £1.98bn of insurance claims after the World Trade Center attacks
"It is a very creaky system that has been patched together over a number of years." What needs updating according to unions?
A: The UK's air traffic control system, a bit of which packed up temporarily
B: Consignia (aka the Post Office), which is seeking to close some urban post offices
C: The NHS, echoing a speech by Tory spokesman Dr Liam Fox saying the health service wasn't working
"I don't want to be bumping along the bottom." Who’s not happy in their work?
A: Horse trainer Nigel Twiston-Davies, keen to retire despite his Grand National win
B: Penthouse boss Bob Guccione, whose readership has fallen from five million to 650,000
C: Artist Peter Howson, having just finished a controversial nude portrait of Madonna
"I cannot be so bad as to do it on purpose." Who reckons they’re more sinned against than sinning?
A: Banzai's Mr Shaky Hand Man, told off by police for attempting a "disrespectful" comedy stunt at the Queen Mother's funeral
B: A Welsh pigeon fancier found guilty of poisoning the local peregrine falcons
C: Pedro Duscher, the Deportivo footballer who broke David Beckham's foot (and perhaps the England star's World Cup hopes)
Who "experienced some discomfort when a gust of wind blew some dust into her eye"?
A: A Swiss tourism officer, trying to prove the 80,000 tonnes of Saharan sand blown over Geneva shouldn't dissuade holidaymakers
B: Halle Berry, who left the Spanish set of the latest Bond film after the incident
C: Andrea Dworkin, the anti-porn campaigner’s office quashed reports she wept with joy at the fall of the Penthouse
"If the water activity of the meat is too high you might get soggy bread." What high-tech nonsense is this?
A: A leaked Nasa memo debating sending barbecued beef and rye bread to the Russians manning the ISS space station
B: A line posted on the net reputedly from a stolen copy of the new Star Wars film script
C: The main problem overcome by the US military to create an indestructible battlefield sandwich

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