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Friday, 5 April, 2002, 11:12 GMT 12:12 UK
The Falklands 20 years on: BBC TV and Radio reports
BBC News Online presents a look back in audio and video at the Falklands conflict 20 years ago through the eyes of some of those who took part.

Brian Hanrahan in the Falklands
Brian Hanrahan in the Falklands

I counted them out

During the conflict the BBC's Brian Hanrahan who was stationed on board the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes told audiences: "I counted them all out and I counted them all back in," as he watched Harrier jump jets return after a raid.

  Click here to listen to Brian Hanrahan's report

Royal Marine guards captured soldiers
Royal Marine guards captured soldiers

The battle for Goose Green

On 28 May 1982, the Parachute Regiment attacked Argentine positions around Goose green and in an intense battle across an area with very little natural cover they defeated a well dug-in and equipped enemy far superior in numbers. There were many casualties.

 Click here to listen to Robert Fox's report

British soldiers hoist the Union Flag over Government House at Port Stanley
British soldiers hoist the Union Flag over Government House at Port Stanley

A Falklands Islander remembers

Graham Bound edited a Falkland Islands newspaper. In this video diary he recalls how he and his fellow islanders coped with the Argentinian invasion.

 Click here to watch Graham Bound's video diary

Angry Argentine protesters burn the Union Flag
The conflict was a source of strong feelings on both sides

Life in the UK as an Argentine

Celia Susterman was living in the UK during the Falklands war. As an Argentinian, she remembered how she felt "horrified" by the level of nationalism displayed by both countries.

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Simon Weston with his family
Simon Weston with his family

The survivor

British troops regained the territory; but the lives lost and the injuries sustained by many - served as a reminder of the price of victory. The BBC talks to Simon Weston, who was honoured for his bravery.

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Evening Standard Journalist Max Hastings
Journalist Max Hastings

The journalist

Max Hastings - reporting for the London Evening Standard - was the first Briton to enter Argentinian-held Port Stanley, where he famously interviewed the Argentinian colonel in charge.

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