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Sunday, 14 October, 2001, 02:21 GMT 03:21 UK
Bin Laden's son defiant
Osama Bin Laden, the US's prime suspect for the terror attacks on New York and Washington
Bin Laden is planning for victory according to his relative
One of Osama Bin Laden's sons says his father will never be tracked down by America and Britain.

Abdullah Laden told the Sunday Mirror that Osama Bin Laden was still in Afghanistan hiding in the mountains.

He has vanished into the landscape - he is invisible

Abdullah Laden, Osama Bin Laden's son
But he said his father had 300 commandos to protect him from the US-led operation.

In the first interview with a member of Bin Laden's family since the 11 September atrocities on America, the 18-year-old said that his father had disappeared into the hills after the attacks with 60 trucks full of satellite equipment.

US-led military air strikes which began on Sunday are continuing on Afghanistan.

America remains determined to hunt down the Saudi-born militant, and his al-Qaeda network which it blames for the terror attacks.

But Abdullah Laden, says his father has other ideas.

"America and Britain will never track down my father.

"He has vanished into the landscape - he is invisible," he told the paper.

Fighting talk

Abdullah Laden said his father was in a cave planning victory against the opposition Northern Alliance and the special forces sent to capture or kill him.

He claimed the satellite equipment would be used to help wage war against the West.

"I am not worried that my father will be caught," he said.

No matter how many planes bomb our homeland, Afghan earth will never give up my father

Abdullah Laden

"He has out-smarted the Americans for many years.

"He's now in the safest place in the world.

"No matter how many planes bomb our homeland, Afghan earth will never give up my father."

He said Bin Laden was meticulous in ensuring that he was not tracked by satellite, for example by not using electrical goods that needed batteries.

Coded messages

And if he used a mobile phone he spoke only for a few seconds in code even his son could not understand.

"Afterwards he always threw the phone away and never used it again".

While Bin Laden's lieutenants used e-mail, he said he did not think his father knew how to use a computer.

"He [Bin Laden} is convinced that US spies have been following him in Afghanistan for several years.

"He even believes that some US agents have joined the Taliban".

He further revealed how his father slept for just two or three hours a day and ate only small amounts of food in order to stay alert.

But he denied that his father had any part in the 11 September attacks.

He saw him in Afghanistan's capital on Kabul two days beforehand and no mention was made of any attacks.

Abdullah said his younger brother and sister and their mother - Bin Laden's fifth wife went to Pakistani capital Islamabad after the coalition bombing began a week ago.

He said he was ordered by his father to go to Pakistan with the rest of the family though he wanted to fight.

And he said Bin Laden managed to "terrify" his children just by his silence.

"I know my father will not rest while the US is spilling Muslim blood. We will fight for revenge with all our hearts," he said.

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