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Saturday, 3 March, 2001, 17:57 GMT
Rail crash police quiz car driver
Carriage being lifted on Saturday
Investigators are still searching the crash site for bodies
North Yorkshire police have interviewed the driver of the Land Rover which caused Wednesday's train crash in Selby.

Detectives - who were investigating the possibility that Gary Hart may have fallen asleep at the wheel - say he was not arrested and no charges have been brought against him.

Crash investigators are working to clear the most badly damaged carriages from the site of the crash.

Police have revised the estimated death toll from 13 to 10, but say they are prepared for the possible discovery of more bodies as the mangled wreckage is removed.

Click here to see a map of the accident.

Mr Hart, from the village of Strubby in Lincolnshire, was described by relatives as "inconsolable with grief" after his vehicle careered into the path of a passenger train which was then hit by a freight train.

His family have denied he fell asleep.

Relatives of some of the victims have visited the scene near Great Heck, in North Yorkshire, and more are expected on Sunday.

Gary Hart
Grief stricken: Car driver Gary Hart
Six victims have been named so far, but police have said no further names will be released until Monday.

Some carriages were removed from the track on Friday but freezing conditions forced work to stop overnight.

A 200ft crane is being used to move the wreckage, including two carriages so badly damaged police had not been able to search them.

Search teams will then examine the wreckage and the area to check for more bodies, human remains and personal belongings to help with identification.

Superintendent Tony Thompson, of British Transport Police, said the two carriages had been severely compacted.

John Weddle
GNER train driver John Weddle died in the crash
"We simply do not know what we will find until the carriages are moved," he said.

He added it would take much of the weekend to lift the two carriages and the others still on the track.

The recovery teams aim to hand over the site to Railtrack on Monday, who will move the mangled wreckage by road to a rail yard in Crewe, Cheshire.

The six victims whose names have been released are:

  • church warden Christopher Terry, 30, of York
  • IT manager Robert Shakespeare, from Beverley, East Yorkshire
  • GNER train driver John Weddle, from Throckley near Newcastle
  • buffet car chef Paul Taylor, from the Newcastle area
  • GNER customer operations leader Raymond Robson, 43, from Whitley Bay
  • goods train driver Stephen Dunn, 39, from Brayton, Selby.

Colleagues of a university professor missing since the crash have said they fear he is one of the unaccounted-for victims.

Crash site at Selby
Relatives have continued to lay flowers at the scene
Staff at Teesside University said Professor Steve Baldwin, who pioneered research in the controversial children's drug Ritalin, was believed to have boarded the doomed passenger train.

The Bishop of Doncaster, the Right Reverend Cyril Ashton, said a memorial service for the victims of the crash would be held at 3pm on Sunday at Hensall Parish Church, a mile from the crash scene.

A service of commemoration will be held at York Minster once funerals have taken place.

On Friday, 33 of the 70 people injured in the crash remained in hospital, with two in a critical condition.

An emergency number 020 78347777 has been set up for members of the public concerned about friends and relatives.

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The BBC's Caroline Marston
"Relatives are drawn to the scene in a need to share a moment of reflection"

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