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Tuesday, June 23, 1998 Published at 20:05 GMT 21:05 UK

Louise Woodward on the verdict and the Eappens

Louise Woodward

This is full transcript of the BBC Panorama's exclusive interview with Louise Woodward, broadcast on Monday evening June 22nd 1998. It is in 10 parts - go to the bottom of the story to navigate to the others.

The scripted part of the programme is in italics to distinguish it from the actual interview.

Martin Bashir: Louise Woodward is home. Tonight Panorama questions the British au pair on her conviction for the manslaughter of eight month old Matthew Eappen.

Louise Woodward: I said: "Well maybe I wasn't as gentle as I could have been. But I never said that I was rough with him."

Martin Bashir: And she answers on her relationship with Matthew's parents Deborah and Sunil Eappen.

Louise Woodward: The mentality is that somebody has to pay, if the parents didn't do it, who did? There is only you left. And there was the whole feeling that somebody has to pay and that somebody had to be me.

Martin Bashir: Can I start by asking you the central question. Are you responsible for the death of Matthew Eappen?

Louise Woodward: No I'm not. No, I'm innocent. I didn't do anything wrong. If anything , I tried to help him as best I could and didn't do anything to hurt him or harm him in any way.

Martin Bashir: The prosecution said you had shaken Matthew violently and banged his head down against an immovable object, that is why on February 4th they found that Matthew Eappen had a two and a half inch skull fracture, internal bleeding, these injuries were caused by you that's what the prosecution said.

Louise Woodward: It didn't happen, that didn't happen. I felt sure that the presented case would at least pose reasonable doubt and I think that I did more than that I would be believed I just knew that hadn't happened at least not by me and not on that day and I just felt sure that the evidence proved that.

Martin Bashir: We'll come back to that, in detail, later on. Let's start with what were the Eappen's like ?

Louise Woodward: Well, I liked them. When I was living there, particularly Sunil. I think we got on pretty well. We had our ups and downs. I mean I'd only been living there 10 weeks. And I was 18 and there were the normal friction that you might expect when somebody comes to live in your home. I mean overall I think we got on pretty well and I thought things were going OK.

Martin Bashir: Did you like them?

Louise Woodward: Yes.

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Louise Woodward on the verdict and the Eappens

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