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Monday, 8 July, 2002, 23:06 GMT 00:06 UK

GP Postcode lottery in GP services
The service provided by Britain's GPs is highly variable across the country, and could get worse as recruitment problems intensify, a report says.
Family photo of Leanne Tiernan, who was strangled and her body dumped in woods Leanne killer jailed for life
A parcel delivery worker is told to expect to spend the rest of his life in jail for the kidnap and murder of Leeds teenager Leanne Tiernan.
Cannabis Tories attack Brixton drugs scheme
Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith is visiting Brixton to promote his party's opposition to a controversial drugs experiment, which has taken a softer line on cannabis.
Straw defends arms sales change
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw defends changes to UK arms sales rules to allow the export of parts for US-built fighter planes destined for Israel.
IVF mix-up heads for court
A judge may have to decide what happens to black twins born to a white couple after an apparent blunder at an IVF clinic.
Police shoot man on the M6
The Police Complaints Authority is to investigate the shooting of a man on the M6 near Wigan.
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New challenge excites Venables
Terry Venables says watching the World Cup enticed him back into management with Leeds.
Judge urges life sentence shake-up
England and Wales' top judge calls for changes in the way murderers are sentenced - including possible ending of automatic life terms.
Channel 4 boss warns of cuts
Channel 4 chief Mark Thompson warns of job cuts ahead of a crucial board meeting on the fate of loss-making FilmFour Ltd.
Inquiry into warship accident
The Royal Navy launches an inquiry into how a destroyer ran into rocks and began taking on water off the coast of Australia.
Chicken checked for BSE
Food safety officials are checking whether frozen chicken mixed with beef protein powder could pose a BSE risk.
Home collapses after council dig
A council begins an inquiry into why a house in Hampshire had to be demolished, a day after its contractors dug up nearby land.
Schoolboy 'murdered for 10 debt'
Two teenagers stabbed a London schoolboy to death because he owed them 10 after a cannabis deal, a jury hears.
'Scout leader' guilty of sex offences
The leader of an independent scout group in Greater Manchester is convicted of making or taking indecent photographs of young boys.
Blair's right-hand men under the spotlight
Tony Blair is being urged to make his top political aides give evidence before an inquiry into government special advisers.
Parents to sue over epilepsy row
Up to 200 families are taking legal action against Leicester Royal Infirmary after their children were misdiagnosed with epilepsy.
Parents' court battle over MMR jab
A mother is being taken to the High Court by her ex-husband over her refusal to allow their child to have the MMR vaccination.
Scots killed in Alps fall
Two climbers in their 50s die after falling off a mountain face in the French Alps reportedly because of faulty equipment.
Margaret Cook blasts 'NHS meddling'
Margaret Cook, ex-wife of Labour's Robin Cook, quits as a hospital consultant, blaming the government's handling of NHS reform.
Drumcree violence 'unacceptable'
Violent clashes at Drumcree are condemned by the Prime Minister Tony Blair as the "loutish behaviour of a small minority".
Transplant first for cancer patient
A man with leukaemia becomes the first person in the UK to have a bone marrow transplant using blood from a baby's umbilical cord.
Husband jailed for rape attack
A man is found guilty of attacking his wife at home, echoing Little Mo's harrowing EastEnders storyline.
GM crop trial sites announced
The UK Government announces 18 sites in England and Scotland for the final year of farm trials of genetically modified oilseed rape.
Britain 'sheltering al-Qaeda leader'
A senior al-Qaeda leader is reportedly being looked after by British intelligence - but security sources are denying the claim.
Healthy eating in schools 'backfires'
Healthy eating programmes in schools could merely encourage children to eat more junk food out of school hours, an expert warns.
Political donation rules 'being broken'
The Liberal Democrats call for tougher measures to prevent companies profiting out of sponsoring government departments.
Soap actor killed in holiday fall
A star of Welsh youth drama Rownd a Rownd dies after falling from a hotel balcony while on holiday in Magaluf, Majorca.
Church debates links with state
The Queen and the prime minister's right to appoint bishops is being challenged by the Church of England's governing body.
Troubled start to marching season
After the violence at Drumcree, the BBC's Kevin Connolly looks ahead at what's in store for the rest of the marching season.
Link between poverty and truancy
Children from poor families are more likely to truant and council officials do not believe jailing parents is the answer, a study says.
Mobile phone giant denies pension risk
A row erupts between mobile phone firm T-Mobile and the Amicus trade union over the company's final salary pension scheme.
Clampdown on illegal food imports
A campaign is launched to remind travellers that importing certain foods into the UK from non-EU countries is illegal and could result in hefty fines.
Abortion plans 'irresponsible'
Pilot schemes offering faster, easier abortions have been attacked by opponents, while supporters say they are long overdue.
Disabled pulled from burning minibus
Two passers-by are praised for the "amazing rescue" of disabled passengers from a burning minibus on the M6.
Blunkett to review police reforms
Reforms which would give ministers the power to take action against failing police forces are set to be reviewed by the Home Secretary.
'My mission with the UK marines'
The BBC's Damian Grammaticas joins the UK Marines on one of their final Afghan missions before returning home.
Facing up to life with HIV
One year after he was diagnosed HIV positive, a gay man tells BBC News Online about the challenges of living with the virus.
Blame it on the driver
Cautious drivers may be forced to compensate cyclists and careless pedestrians in road accidents, under new plans to shake up the UK's insurance market.
Phones, tones and mobile music
Mobile phone ring tones are about to get much more musical.
Amazing tales from Planet Tabloid
This week, keeping fit the royal way, rebellious swans, and our caption competition.
The return of the seagulls
A pensioner has died after being attacked by seagulls in his garden. As the terror of overprotective seagulls returns all round the UK, people are asking what can be done about them.
Does my bum look big in this Boeing?
An American airline is charging extra for those passengers who cannot fit into a single seat, but is it just the obese who are feeling the squeeze?
Quiz of the week's news
It's Seven Days, Seven Questions - BBC News Online's quiz of the week.
Papers capture Drumcree violence
Photos of protesters in Northern Ireland following the Orange Order parade feature in many of Monday's papers.
Royal Marine in Afghanistan
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Inquest opens into John Entwistle's deathCause unknown
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Channel 4's Big Brother scores record viewing figures of 7.1 million for the surprise eviction of Adele Roberts on Friday.Ratings high
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Contact with dogs and other pets may be spreading the UK's most common type of food poisoning, an expert warns.Bugs life
Dogs may spread food poisoning, expert warns

British TV set-top box maker Pace Micro unveils sharply lower sales and profits, citing difficult conditions in the digital TV industry.Off the Pace
Profits tumble for TV set-top box maker

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