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Apple iPad tablet: Your comments

Steve Jobs with the new iPad
Apple's chief executive, Steve Jobs, reveals the company's latest creation.

Apple has unveiled its long-awaited tablet PC, the iPad.

The device, which looks like a large iPhone, can be used to watch films, store photos and browse the web.

Steve Jobs, Apple's chief executive, says the iPad is the "third category" between smartphones and laptops.

BBC News Online readers have sent their thoughts on the new tablet.


Apple never just produces 'gadgets'; they engineer solutions that people can see fitting into their lives eventually. As a university student with a busy life, I can see this being a very useful thing to have, though probably not until the second generation which should inevitably be cheaper.
Josh, Leamington Spa, UK

It's a rip off if you ask me, it's basically an iPhone but bigger. There is nothing that impresses. It's just the little bit overrated.
Wayne Grills, Kingsbridge, Devon, UK

I have been holding off on getting a touch screen mobile device wanting it to do more. The iPad, at first impression, is that "more" for me. I will probably buy one at the first opportunity.
Jeremy Holcomb, Rochester, New York, USA

Firstly it's not a proper PC, but a gadget like the iPod. Secondly, why would I spend that much money on what's essentially a bigger iPod touch or iPhone? It just doesn't add up for me - I'd much rather have had a tablet with a proper operating system not a cut down 'toy'.
John, South Wales, UK

I think that Apple will revolutionise computers without mice and keyboards. It is going to put tablet PCs into the mainstream. iPad will be something that most companies have already been trying, but with not much success. So Apple will be very successful and will certainly open a new era in the computer industry.
Emal Rahmani, Kabul, Afghanistan

The impact this product will have on the computing world: more computer bags and a slightly larger excuse to waste time messing around on the internet. I would be tempted to buy the iPad if it cleaned up my room and did my laundry.
Sebastian, London, Canada

I am a 77-year-old iPhone user. The iPad will give me a new lease of life!
Michael, Nicosia, Cyprus

You can just hear the money being poured into the Apple bank account as the brainless tech sheep of this generation rush out to by this fantastically overpriced netbook.
Daniel, Westcliff, UK

Let me at it! I want one now! Apple are so innovative I know it will be brilliant.
Helen Goulding, Nottingham, UK

I'm not convinced by what I've seen - it doesn't seem to do enough new. If you want music you have an iPod or iPhone, which you can also use to play videos and browse the web. Why would you want to carry this thing around with you? Slightly disappointed with what I've seen so far.
Alan, Liverpool, UK

Having been looking at a lot of the hype floating around the internet, it was clearly going to be billed as a market-changer. It will be interesting to get more details on the functionality and power before jumping headlong into buying one, but fingers crossed it will be a good product!
Mike, Nottingham, UK

Yes it looks like a giant iPhone, and it looks good, but who is going to pull one of those out on the train and use it! Dom Joly anyone?
Don O'Ketty, London, UK

Finally stupid netbooks will disappear. But if you're going to carry around a 10-inch so-called pad why not just buy a Macbook with more power, to do work, play DVDs and all that added functionality?
Matthew, Edinburgh, UK

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