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In pictures: Case modders

Close-up of Overclocked Orange logo, D Penfold

Created by veteran PC builder David Penfold, Overclocked Orange crams a huge amount of processing power inside its shiny orange shell.

Close-up of Overclocked Orange, D Penfold

As its name suggests it takes some of its inspiration from Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange and the Kubrick film of the book.

Close-up of water cooling system, D Penfold

The machine uses a dual-loop water cooling system to remove the heat generated by its overclocked Intel i7 processor and its three graphics cards.

Overclocked Orange lit up, D Penfold

The machine uses lots of orange LEDs to emphasise its colour theme and bring its insides to life.

Montage of Aero case mod, Steven Dodd

Steven Dodd's case mod was a much more hands-on affair than Overclocked Orange and involved lots of DIY.

Aero case mod, Steven Dodd

Rather than buy a case and alter it, Mr Dodd made all the parts for his case and then put the components inside.

Aero case mod, Steven Dodd

The small size of the case means all the parts are a tight fit but the open weave mesh and fan help to keep it cool.

Aero case mod, Steven Dodd

The end result is a sleek, slim machine that, thanks to its 500GB hard drive, acts as a media server.

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