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Tech Tigers enter Dragons' Den

Technology innovators are touting their wares at a fair in Cambridge.

The city is a centre for technology start-up industries, and the companies are seeking investors at a conference with echoes of the BBC's Dragons' Den TV show.

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones has been sampling the pick of the crop and we would like you to tell us your favourite.



SureFlap is a cat flap that uses microchip technology to allow cats access to homes. Dr Nick Hill demonstrates how his product works.



Create your own animated movies with Moviestorm from Short Fuze.



True Knowledge's 'answer engine' aims to pinpoint web searches more accurately than giants such as Google and Yahoo.



'Axon Automotive says its carbon fibre car can achieve phenomenal fuel efficiency.



Imense is an advanced image search technology which is able to identify a range of visual content in pictures, such as faces and objects and colours.

Which is your favourite innovation from our list? Send us your choice and reason using the form below.

In most cases a selection of your comments will be published, displaying your name and location unless you state otherwise in the box below.

Your comments

The cat flap by far is the best. Saves the cat crying outside when she has lost her collar (again).
Andrew, Bristol, South Gloucestershire

Moviestorm must be the best as it is the only one which allows your creativity to take over and make something bigger than itself. And not a 'me too' like the others.
Michael, London

One issue with True Knowledge's Answer Engine is when one wishes to query a debated answer, particularly common amongst scientific research. It would be interesting to see the results of a search into psychological research. Image Search provides precisely what is needed. A method of searching for the contents of an image rather than the file name. It's about time this has come onto the market
Chris Street, Dundee

Moviestorm. Never before in the history of filmmaking has the tools to create your own animated films been so accessible to the man on the street. All you need is an ordinary PC, and your a director. Absolutely stunning idea.
James Thorpe, United Kingdom

It has to be the answer engine! As somebody who does a lot of medical work related searches, Google is great for a very specific enquiry, but lousy for more vague questions. I could see an answer engine being able to link a variety of symptoms for example and coming up with relevant answers
Bill Lamb, United Kingdom

Web answer engine. If it really does work more intuitively and accurately than existing search criteria it could save a lot of time and scrolling! It would be interesting to see how this gets on. I guess if you are less time on a search page the less time you have to look at the ads. Then again, if you get to where you want to be more efficiently that could include advertisements too (?).
Robert Royle, Fleet, Hampshire

The cat flap is a great idea. the rest are just blips, and not good long term investments
Paul, London

The car. Fun as the others are, they are mainly for our convenience and amusement. Contemporary society depends on a high degree of personal mobility, so the car isn't going away any time soon - but the fuel that goes into it is a finite resource that needs to be conserved for as long into the future as possible.
Graham, Richmond

Web answer engine. This is really clever and the example given in the video is the reason why this should work well.
Ritesh Kachhwaha, Reading and Berkshire

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