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E3 Diary: Peter Molyneux

Peter Molyneux, Lionhead
Mr Molyneux is widely regarded as one of the gaming world's real innovators
Gaming legend Peter Molyneux, head of Lionhead Studios, will be writing a diary for the BBC while at the E3 show.

Mr Molyneux has been behind such titles as Dungeon Keeper, Populous, Black and White and Fable.

At E3 Lionhead is due to show off its latest creation - Fable 2.

16 JULY 2008
The longest day of the show.

We demo Fable 2 to small groups off press in 30 minute slots.

Screenshot of Fable 2, Microsoft
In Fable 2 players take a hero from youth into adulthood

I take the slightly mad decision to dive into random areas of the game to show-off as many game features as I can.

Everything works and no one spots the persistent bug where the Fable 2 dog has intimate relations with the Bard of Bowerstone's leg!

After a full day of these 16 sessions the team and I are ready to drop and even the pull of Mojitos in the bar cannot tempt us away from an early night - 1.00am.


After the panic of the first day we then went straight on to our Fable 2 party.

Screenshot of Fable 2, Microsoft
Journalists have been given a tour of the world of Fable 2

We were taking the huge risk of having multiple playable versions of Fable 2 on offer for journalists who may have had a bit too much to drink which is always chancy.

But it all seemed to go well.

We had over 200 press turn up to play Fable 2 and while that's going on I am interviewed by a number of publications ranging from the Washington Post to Playboy magazine.

So a successful event I think but my voice is getting even weaker...

15 JULY 2008

So, it's the first real day of E3. This is where we finally get the chance to demo our game to the world's games press and where the horror of having them play the game - when formerly I've only demoed it to them - starts to sink in.

Endless rounds of demos kicked off

We're off the good start! We were told it started at 1.00pm but in fact it opened at 9.00am and my team of demoers were in the bar till 4.00 this morning.

As I walked up to them I was hit by the stench of alcohol fumes.

But the adrenaline kicked in and they did a great job and I handed over the controller to various journalists and then had the thrill of seeing them pick up and play.

Meanwhile I'm doing back to back interviews and talking about the latest features in Fable 2.

The talk on the streets today is who was the winner out of the three big press conferences, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

It turns out in a public poll that Microsoft was the victor - other gossip is all about GTA on DS and Sony's line up for PSN.

My voice is starting to go already and tonight there is a big party for Fable 2...then there's another 16 hours of demos to look forward to tomorrow.

14 JULY 2008

The press briefings kick off and Microsoft is first off the bat and this year I am lucky enough to be part of it showing off Co-Op over Live 360 for Fable 2.

Fable 2 screen shot
Fable 2 is set 500 years after the original game

So I have got to go to all the rehearsals and it is amazing to be standing at the back of the stage looking at the huge amount of organisation that goes into a media briefing - I realised how much was on the line today for everyone involved.

As a whole the industry seems to be stressing the importance of making entertainment that appeals to everyone and the Microsoft briefing focussed on that message and offered impressive game demos of Resident Evil 4, Gears of War 2 and of course Fable 2.

For me standing in the wings waiting to go on to do my eight minute slot I felt a mixture of excitement and abject fear, as you just know it would be so easy to mess something up.

I've already driven the production team mad with my tendency to ad lib and inability to read off an autocue.

But I think it went well although my character belching at the end of my demo may have got laughs in the wrong places.

From the briefing it's straight into press demos and I am praying I get through that 4.00pm jet lag wall.

Tomorrow E3 starts properly and so I intend to resist the lure of the bar tonight...

10 JULY 2008

(This first entry was written before Mr Molyneux left the UK)

It's 2.00am on Thursday. In 12 hours I fly out to LA to begin the hell that is E3.

At this point in time the nine different demos that we've done for the show floor and Microsoft press event are not quite working as they should.

We had to make three different videos: for the E3 trailer, the press conference and B-Roll footage. A huge amount of work, on top of finishing off the game.

I'm scared. I'm tired. I'm even too frightened to go the toilet in case I fall asleep and miss the flight. But hey it's E3 and that's what it's all about.

It's the adrenaline rush of pushing your chest out and showing who you are and what you stand for and this year Lionhead stands for Fable 2 which amazingly is finally done.

More than three years in time, multimillions in dollars and a further inch off my receding hairline and finally I get the chance to show off to the world - the trouble is we're giving the press the chance to play the game for themselves for the first time and experience tells me that anything can go wrong…

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