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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 November 2007, 09:06 GMT
Your views: the computing age
Kitchen computer
The early kitchen computers never really took off
The foundations of the digital age were laid more than six decades ago with the development of the first electronic computers.

Since then computers have become smaller, faster and more efficient.

Now, the average person in the developing world will carry more processing power in their mobile phone than was contained in the building-sized computers of yesteryear.

But for many, the gadgets that were the precursors of today's sleek laptops, mobile phones and MP3 players still hold a lasting appeal.

The BBC News website is looking for readers who own classic devices to send in their pictures, stories and videos.

You may own one of the first PCs, such as an Altair 8800 or an Apple 1, or perhaps you still rely on an early handheld computer or have a fascination with a classic games console.

Which technologies do you still cling on to? What do you use them for? What is special about it?

Send us your pictures, videos and stories about your favourite retro gadgets and tell us how you use them.

We will be publishing a selection of the best later in the week.

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