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Last Updated: Friday, 13 July 2007, 00:38 GMT 01:38 UK
No price cut for Euro PS3 console
Gamer playing Sony Playstation

Sony is not cutting the price of the PlayStation 3 in Europe, but will offer free games and accessories instead.

There is also no word of plans for an 80GB version of the console in Europe.

Last week Sony said it would drop the US price of the 60GB PS3 by $100 (50), and introduced a new 80GB version at the original price of $599 (300).

In Europe gamers will get a "starter pack" at an unchanged price of 425 for the 60GB machine, with two games and two controllers included.

The new pack was announced at the E3 games conference in Santa Monica, in California. Sony says it is offering gamers 115 worth of added games and controller, for no extra charge.

But the firm could face criticism from gamers for deciding not to reduce the price of the 60GB PS3 and not announcing the 80GB machine.

Earlier this week, Jack Tretton, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment America, said he thought the US price cut would at least "double" the sales of PS3 in the country.
A happy customer buying his PS3 in London last month
Sony in the US say the price cut will boost sales
But in an interview with games website Gamesindustry.biz, David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, revealed that once the stock of 60GB machines was sold out in the US - probably by the end of July - the model would no longer be sold.

That would mean that US gamers would once again have to pay $599 for a full-spec console with features such as wi-fi, not available on the cheaper 20GB model.

In the UK, the PlayStation 3 remains 125 more expensive than the equivalent Xbox 360 bundle of console and games and 225 more expensive than the Nintendo Wii with two games.

Your comments:

Will Sony be offering any kind of rebate or mail-in offer to those of us who bought our PS3s less than two weeks ago?
Tony Pincott, Sheffield

Even more annoying is that the EU version runs a PS2 emulator. This makes it cheaper to build/maintain than the US version and what's more the EU version can play fewer PS2 games (the more advanced ones) under emulation. Now that's something they won't advertise to the consumer. This is just another example of the EU being ripped off where ever possible. Buy a Wii, they are more fun by a long shot.
Mark Doherty UK

Shame. I might have bought one otherwise. Looks like our house shall be going down the xbox route after all.
Chris Godfrey, London

I personally feel like I've been snubbed by Sony, I bought every other playstation, but if they are going to charge me twice the price for the PS3 compared to what they offer in the US for a console with next to no games, I'll stick with my Wii and XBox 360 thanks.
Stephen Bates, Derby

It's nice to hear that Sony are trying to claw back some of the customers that they alienated with the outrageous price of the console originally. However, they now run the risk of alienating the loyal customers who bought the console around the day of release, as I am certain that they will not be offered 2 games and an extra control pad. This annoys me somewhat, as Microsoft did offer something along these lines with the original Xbox, and they did make sure that ALL customers, new and existing received the benefits.
David Higgins, Swindon

Do Sony actually want to sell any of these consoles? Huge delay on the initial unit, vast price increase on EU version with less hardware in it and glitchy software that makes PS2 games look horrid. And now price cuts for the already much cheaper US customers. Sorry Sony but each time I walk past any high street store your consoles are packed from floor to ceiling with an embarrassingly desperate "IN STOCK" sign next to it. Who on earth is making your marketing decisions here?
David Newland, Hemel Hempstead

Europe and everyone else outside the U.S.A. gets the raw deal again! When will Sony learn that most of their key market 18-25 years do not have 425 to throw away on a games console that will have to come down eventually to compete successfully with Microsoft and Nintendo. This loyal Sony customer's support is drifting quickly towards buying a Wii as his next generation console.
Richard Kendrick, Leeds

The arrogance of Sony is astonishing. They are taking European gamers for granted, so it is up to we Europeans to deliver the bloody nose they deserve. I have a son who wants a PS3 for Christmas but he may just find a different console in his set of gifts.
Paul Valentine, Montrose, Scotland

Why does Sony keep shooting itself in the foot by annoying its large European Fan base? We seem to be the last and worst off with regards to everything PS3. If Sony still can't work out why they are not selling enough consoles I will spell it out for them, you can't expect us to fork out 400+ on a new machine when we are treated like dirt
Jonathan Kay, London

Sony will see no rise in sales as long as this rip off continues. Americans can buy the superior Playstation 3 for 150 cheaper than European buyers. How can this price difference be defended? I for one will not buy the console even if they drop the price in the months to come as Sony have clearer shown their contempt for the European market with this blatant rip off.
John Blair, Glasgow

The ps3 was for me a big disappointment. Having shelled out the best part of 500 pound on it. I found the games very boring and the launch range few in far between. I recently cut my losses and traded it in for the Wii. I think the Wii is winning the so called battle of the consoles. Sony were on top, but the over pricing and poor selection of games has dented the Playstation 3.
Mark Kelly, East Kilbride

If Sony didn't have enough problems selling their console already due to alienating european customers they now hit us with another knockback. Seems like a much better idea just to import a console from the US instead.
Dave Hamer, Thornbury

I think it's fair enough from Sony. They are testing the market to see which deal gives the greatest boost to sales - a price cut in the console or an equivalent games bundle. You can't use the console without the games, so you would end up having to buy them anyway. The only downside is that I'm guessing the choice of bundled games would not suit everyone's taste and therefore the price reduction will prove to be the better deal all round.
Martin Randall, Wakefield

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