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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 March 2007, 16:22 GMT
Video game makers pick top titles
Screenshot from Gears of War, Microsoft
Gears of War has been a big hit on the Xbox 360

Gears of War has won the title of best game in the industry's version of the Oscars.

The Xbox 360 shoot-em-up took the top game prize at the Game Developers Choice Awards which form part of the week-long GDC show.

Wii Sports took a prize for the innovative use it makes of the Wii console's motion-sensitive controller.

The awards also honoured legendary game maker Shigeru Miyamoto who was given a lifetime achievement award.

The Game Developers Conference is the world's biggest gathering of game makers and the awards it bestows are widely seen as the equivalent of the film industry's Academy Awards.

Held in San Francisco, this year the GDC runs from 5-9 March.

As well as taking the award for top game, Gears of War won the technology and visual arts award.

"This is absolutely unbelievable," said Cliff Bleszinski, lead designer at Epic Games which made Gears of War. "I love all of you. And thanks, Mom, for putting up with the whole game developer thing."

The third-person shooter revolves around the efforts of disgraced soldier Marcus Fenix to help combat a race of aliens on their home planet of Sera.

Since it was launched in November 2006 more than three million copies of the game have been sold.

As well as recognising games, the ceremony also handed out awards to respected industry figures.

Speaking after he accepted his lifetime achievement award Shigeru Miyamoto, said: "Getting awards like this makes me feel old and like you expect me to retire soon."

At Nintendo Mr Miyamoto has been the creative force behind the Super Mario and Legend of Zelda games.

Also honoured were Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of Tetris and veteran game designer Greg Costikyan.

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