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Last Updated: Tuesday, 27 February 2007, 11:37 GMT
Apple TV to be 'a few weeks' late
Apple TV
Apple's first entry into the set-top box market has been delayed
Computer and consumer electronics maker Apple has delayed the release of its TV set-top box.

Initially the company said the 199 ($299) device would ship in February, but now expects it to go in mid-March.

"Wrapping up Apple TV is taking a few weeks longer than we projected," spokeswoman Lynn Fox told the Reuters news agency.

Apple TV will play downloaded music and videos on a home stereo or television.

Apple TV faces competition from Microsoft's Media Centre extenders, which allow Windows users to play content from their PCs over a network, and from other smaller companies.

The device is Apple's first entry into the set-top box market, though the company has sold music, and later videos, to be played on computers and iPods since 2003.

The Apple TV will play songs and videos from networked computers over a wired connection or the latest, provisional wi-fi standard, 802.11n.

It will also have a 40Gb hard drive to cache content for playback when a networked PC is turned off.

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