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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 February 2007, 17:03 GMT
3GSM 2007: Video highlights
The 3GSM mobile phone conference in Barcelona has revealed a glut of new mobile phone technologies. From video on demand to global positioning satellite systems, the highlights are all here.


Mobile phone with Windows

Monday 12 February

Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones on the battle between mobile firms which want you to lend them an ear.

Some sell music that will only play on their phones, while others send songs to any mobile.

Omnifone program on mobile phone

Monday 12 February

UK-based mobile music download store Omnifone puts up a fight against Apple's iPhone.

The start-up has launched an international download service which it says most handsets can access.

Apple logo

Thursday 8 February

As final preparations for 3GSM were underway, Apple's Chief Executive Steve Jobs said he could be prepared to abandon music download controls.

Andrew Webb explains digital rights management.

Rory Cellan-Jones with mobile

Tuesday 13 February

Phones that track global positioning satellites can tell you exactly which street to turn down.

But marketing firms are getting in on the act, sending you mobile adverts for shops you walk past, as Rory Cellan-Jones has found out.


Tuesday 13 February

Apple's iPhone may have made a big splash when launched in January, but is it leading the industry, or lagging behind?

BBC Click's Spencer Kelly investigates whether Apple's late entry into the mobile market will work.

Mobile with BBC World

Wednesday 14 February

Phones are becoming multi-media entertainment systems, with TV on demand, social networking systems and ways of converting every spoken phrase into blogs.

Rory Cellan-Jones has stepped into the mobile online community.

YouTube logo

Wednesday 14 February

Vodafone's deal with YouTube means millions of customers can watch wacky clips from the online video phenomenon.

The mobile provider's chief marketing officer says short and snappy videos bring in viewers.

Phone showing image with secret code

Wednesday 10 January

Phones can now snap a print of a product and decode digital data that the human eye can't see.

The technology can be used for marketing or even smuggling secret data.

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