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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 June 2007, 12:48 GMT 13:48 UK
Nintendo to open up Wii console
Wii controller, Nintendo
The tools will help developers get to grips with the Wii controller
Home and independent game makers are getting a chance to put together titles for Nintendo's Wii console.

The hi-tech firm has released a game making tool called WiiWare that gives budding game makers the data they need to use the console and its innovative controller.

Wii owners will be able to download the games through net channels accessible via the console.

Nintendo said the first games would be available for download in early 2008.

Fresh ideas

Anyone wanting to use the WiiWare tool will need a basic knowledge of programming, said Nintendo. It lets people start creating their game on a PC but it must be fine-tuned and finished on the console itself.

The company said it expected game makers to use the Wii's motion sensitive controller to create "fresh takes on established genres".

"Independent developers armed with small budgets and big ideas will be able to get their original games into the marketplace to see if we can find the next smash hit," said Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America president in a statement.

Once quality tested by Nintendo, games created via the WiiWare service will be put on the Wii Shop channel so owners can download them.

Wii owners must spend points to get the games. Owners buy Wii points by credit card or by purchasing cards in stores.

The move by Nintendo follows a similar initiative by Microsoft. It has made an express version of its XNA game making tools available for students and hobbyists so they can craft titles for the Xbox.

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