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A fan's view: PS3 first play
Queue outside Bic Camera, AP
A lot of people queued for a chance to buy a PS3

Japanese gamer Teruma Naito from Oda City was one of the lucky few to bag a PlayStation 3. Here he gives his impressions of launch day and his early experience with the console.

The news footage of more than 1,000 people lined up outside the first shop to sell the PS3 in Tokyo was phenomenal.

I have never seen anything like that before in Japan. Such was the competition that apparently people were going to the length of paying homeless people up to 10,000 yen (45) to line up on their behalf.

I was lucky enough to purchase a 20GB version (one of only two in our area) and the queue was not as big, but just as competitive with last-minute queue jumpers and those pleading with others to swap.

But those in despair do not have to worry as there is now a flood of PS3 machines being sold on internet auction sites in Japan.

People bemoaning the lack of availability seem to be spoilt for choice - if they have the money available - due to a price war offering consoles from between 10,000 to 30,000 yen above the retail price.

Having only played the PS3 for a day, my initial thoughts are that it is absolutely sensational.

The wireless controller, on-screen format and graphics quality is nothing like any other console I have used. Its functionality (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, music, photos, internet, games) now allows the PS3 to be the only machine stacked underneath the TV.

PS3 owner, AP
Only a few people managed to bag a PlayStation 3

It goes without saying that the graphics and playability were phenomenal but the real winner for me was the network gaming aspect which was very easy to use.

An on-screen map of the world indicates where each of the players are based and obviously all of them are packed in Japan at the moment, but in time, once the other countries come online, it will be an amazing sight.

However, with only five games to choose from, I ended up purchasing Ridge Racer 7 and Gundam: Target in Sight - games which do not appeal to me, but were better than the other three.

Lack of game choice is definitely something that needs to be rectified, otherwise there will be lots of gamers getting very bored with the ones they have right now.

The PS3s internet capabilities are impressive. By using the analogue sticks to move the mouse pointer, I was pretty much able to do everything from view videos on YouTube, download photos and videos attached to my e-mails and even do on-line banking and complete a money transfer.

The only thing is I don't seem to be able to open any Microsoft applications like Word and Excel.

However, the beauty of the PS3 is that any updates, whether they are system updates and or programs, can be provided by Sony online. As such, I would expect that most teething problems with the console (if any) will be promptly rectified by Sony.

There has been a lot of talk over the last year of Sony's profits and delays with the PS3 but I think Sony has certainly delivered the next generation of consoles and set a new benchmark for their rivals.

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