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How well do you know PC security?
Palyh virus in e-mail inbox, BBC
Many people still fall victim to e-mailed viruses
Is your PC well protected or is it the plaything of malicious hackers the world over?

To find out if you are security savvy or simply a sucker, answer the questions in our quiz and find out how much you know about staying safe when using the web.

Question 1
If you had a zombie in your house, what would you do?
A: Dig out your shotgun
B: Clean up your PC with an anti-virus scanner - a zombie is a computer hijacked by malicious hackers
C: Look for the TV cameras - it must be a new reality TV series
Question 2
What was "Elk Cloner"?
A: The first computer virus seen in the wild - it infected Apple machines
B: The first computer virus seen in the wild - it infected IBM mainframes
C: The first computer virus seen in the wild - it infected TRS-80 machines
Question 3
An e-mail turns up bearing an attachment labelled as video of a nude celebrity. What do you do?
A: Delete it - there's probably a virus in the attachment
B: Open it and forward it to all your friends so they can enjoy the fun
C: Sounds good, open it and sit back to watch
Question 4
Windows is nagging you to update the operating system. What do you do?
A: Ignore it, the updates will just slow down your machine
B: Install the updates as soon as they become available
C: Update every six months. Just to keep Microsoft happy
Question 5
You get an e-mail saying there are problems with your online bank account. The message does not address you by name. What do you do?
A: Forward it to your bank and then delete it. The message is a phish
B: This sounds serious. Open it and click on the link in it and login
C: Withdraw all your money and put it under the mattress where it will be safe
Question 6
What is a root kit?
A: A software package that helps you draw up your family tree
B: A way to improve the health of your rose bushes
C: A very stealthy computer virus that buries itself in your PC's operating system to avoid detection
Question 7
After downloading a new screensaver you get bothered with lots of pop-up ads, your web browser's start page has changed and any search is re-directed. What do you do?
A: Install a pop-up blocker to get rid of the adverts
B: Run an anti-spyware package to see if your computer has contracted any of the bothersome bugs
C: Scan your machine with both anti-virus and anti-spyware software
Question 8
What is a firewall?
A: The bricks at the back of the hearth
B: Software that sits between your PC and the net and blocks net-borne attacks
C: The notice board in the corridor announcing redundancies
Question 9
You need to choose a password for the account you have set up at an online shop. What do you do?
A: Pick one that combines letters and numbers that make it hard to guess
B: Use the word "password" - it's easy to remember
C: Use the same one as you use on every other site
Question 10
What is a DDoS attack?
A: Guerilla activism by open source software advocates in which they uninstall Windows on a PC and replace it with Linux
B: US politicians criticising the US Department of Defense's Office of Security
C: One that tries to knock a web server offline by bombarding it with huge amounts of data

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