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Last Updated: Monday, 18 September 2006, 07:59 GMT 08:59 UK
Google and Apple 'in video talks'
Steve Jobs unveils iTV, AP
The iTV device will be available in 2007
Technology giants Google and Apple are in discussions over video content for the computer firm's recently announced iTV device, say reports.

US magazine Newsweek reports that Google is talking to Apple about supplying video clips for the player.

The iTV device lets users watch video content stored on their desktop PC on their home TVs.

Google's consumer product chief, Marissa Mayer, told Newsweek that the two companies are "engaged in talks".

The iTV device is a video streaming player which uses wireless technology to play video on a TV.

The product is Apple's attempt to bridge the gap between the PC and television.

Mainstream market

While a host of other devices are already on the market with similar capabilities, none has managed to succeed in the mainstream market.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 console acts as a "media extender" when used in conjunction with a PC running Windows Media Center Edition or Vista, the firm's forthcoming operating system.

It offers all of the announced features of the planned iTV box and can also stream live TV programming, if the PC being used is equipped with a TV tuner card.

But there are no official figures on how many of the estimated 16 million Media Center edition owners use an Xbox 360 in this fashion.

"Everyone who's tried this before has failed," said Apple boss Steve Jobs during the unveiling of the iTV device.

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