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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 August 2006, 08:02 GMT 09:02 UK
Join in our wi-fi day out
Do you have any questions about wi-fi?
The BBC News Interactive technology section is spending the day of 31 August working remotely via wi-fi in Norwich.

The city is covered by a wi-fi network which lets people access the internet and web services free of charge.

The technology section will be using the wi-fi network in an experiment to work away from the office - examining issues such as internet telephony, wireless gaming, the remote office, and assessing the views of people in the city.

We want you to take part in the wi-fi day out.

E-mail: talkingpoint@bbc.co.uk with the subject line "wi-fi query HYS"
Skype: bbcnews_technology
Google Talk: bbcnewstechnology@googlemail.com
iChat: bbcnews_technology@mac.com
E-mail us at any time but contact us via Skype, Google Talk and iChat between 1500 and 1600BST. Some services require third-party downloads.

You can join in our Have Your Say debate on wi-fi and its implications for ordinary people and business - which starts on Thursday - and we also want you to ask us any questions about wi-fi you might have.

Be warned - we are not technical experts but we can help answer questions you have about the technology to the best of our ability.

There is a range of ways to contact us - via e-mail, internet telephony, video chat and instant messaging.

Contact details are in the box on the right-hand side.

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