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Desperate Housewives play games
Desperate Housewives, AP
The show has been a huge hit in the US and UK
Fans of Desperate Housewives will soon be able to join in with the dramas being played out in the TV programme.

A PC game version of the popular show is set to be released in late 2006.

It will let players take on the role of a new housewife who sets up home in Wisteria Lane, the fictional setting of the show.

The PC game will be the latest in a long line of show spin-offs which, so far, include a board game, clothing, ringtones for phones and a cookbook.

Star negotiations

The game will give players control over their in-game persona and early reports suggest the title will resemble the hugely popular Sims series of games.

As another desperate housewife, players will be able to expose or engage in the domestic scandals that are the show's signature.

"You can be as nice or as mean as you'd like to be," said Mary Schuyler, lead producer for the game.

So far the only member of the cast of Desperate Housewives to commit to appearing in the game is Brenda Strong who plays the voice of the show's dead narrator, Mary Alice Young.

Buena Vista Games, which will distribute the title, said it was negotiating with other members over their appearance in the game.

The company said it hoped the game would prove popular with fans of the TV show and convert some of them into regular players.

The game is being made by Liquid Entertainment which is better known for its real-time fantasy strategy titles.

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