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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 March 2006, 17:33 GMT
BBC web player to face value test
David Tennant as Doctor Who
Viewers could watch BBC shows like Doctor Who on the internet
The BBC's planned internet TV player is to face the corporation's new public value test before it can go live.

The BBC board of governors said the MyBBCPlayer will be tested "in line" with the government White Paper on the BBC's future, announced last week.

The player will be tested under the rules even if it is put forward before the paper comes into effect next year.

Regulator Ofcom would have to assess its effect on the BBC's rivals before the governors could grant approval.

Under the White Paper, the board of governors will be replaced by the BBC Trust.

The new body will apply public value tests as part of its regulation of the corporation's activities on behalf of the licence fee payer.

The governors say they will bring forward the public value tests to use on the MyBBCPlayer, which is pencilled in to launch at the end of the year.

Plans outlined

The player will be among the first projects to be tested under the White Paper proposals.

A spokesman for the BBC board of governors said: "The governors are clear that MyBBCPlayer will be subject to a full public value test.

"They intend that this be in line with the White Paper arrangements and will discuss with Ofcom arrangements for a market impact assessment shortly."

Ashley Highfield, director of the BBC's new media division, outlined plans to redesign the BBC's online offering at a technology conference in Las Vegas on Monday.

Mr Highfield showed off the BBC's Integrated Media Player (iMP), designed to allow users seven-day access to TV shows, when he shared a platform with Microsoft boss Bill Gates.


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