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Last Updated: Friday, 29 July, 2005, 09:14 GMT 10:14 UK
Cisco curbs security researcher
Cisco headquarters
A security expert has agreed never to repeat what he knows about flaws in software from networking giant Cisco.

The hardware maker sought an injunction against Michael Lynn to stop him revealing details at a security conference in Las Vegas.

Mr Lynn resigned from his job to give the presentation but bowed to legal pressure afterwards.

Cisco said Mr Lynn's research was "premature" and the information would be presented at a later date.

Legal bar

Mr Lynn presented research about bugs in software used to control Cisco routers at the Black Hat Briefings conference held in Las Vegas on 27 July.

Although the bug that Mr Lynn talked about was patched in April, he said the technique used to exploit that loophole could be used to take advantage of other vulnerabilities in Cisco software that directs data over the internet.

Mr Lynn found out about the Cisco bugs while working at computer security consultants, Internet Security Systems - a job he left only hours before he presented the information to the conference.

He said it was important to get information about the bugs in to the public domain.

Cisco did not agree and won an injunction that bars Mr Lynn and organisers of the Black Hat conference from ever talking about what they know.

Mr Lynn also has to return any Cisco source code he owns.

Cisco took a lot of trouble to ensure that conference attendees did not find out about what Mr Lynn was planning to say.

It employed workers to tear the pages reprinting Mr Lynn's presentation from conference proceedings. It also replaced CDs containing conference presentations for ones without Mr Lynn's talk.

Cisco is the world's largest maker of equipment used to connect computers and power the internet.

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