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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 July, 2005, 15:18 GMT 16:18 UK
Playing the future: Michel Cassius
All this week, the BBC News website is looking at the future of video games as seen by some of the prominent figures in the business.

Over the next year or so, new consoles such as the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Revolution are set to change the face of gaming.

Michel Cassius is responsible all things Xbox in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Michel Cassius, head of Xbox in Europe
Cassius: New experiences to come
The games industry is booming in some sense, as well as going through a transition. You have two things happening.

It is a very fast growing industry. You look at the number of games sold year on year, you look at what this represents today in terms of just revenue per capita and soon on, it is just huge. So it is a booming industry.

But it is an industry that is changing because of the size of the investment you need to make to develop a game. And therefore publishers need to be powerhouses to be there.

Now it doesn't mean that a small publisher can't do things. We've got some very good small publishers in the UK such as Sci and Codemasters.

They are not big publishers but what they've got is knowledge of developing great games.

If you look at the Lego Star Wars game, published by Eidos and developed by Travellers Tales, it is a very broad game and very fun.

New types of games

When I look at this and the number of games in development right now, I definitely think the next generation, and even current generation, can tap into broader audiences.

It is about making this industry really mainstream entertainment

Broadening the audience will come by many things. Number one is games and content.

You will be able to see different types of games and it will look so real that it will unlock the barrier that there is today of trying to figure out what is happening here and not being real in your mind.

Secondly will be the type of game. I'm talking in particular about the accessibility of those games.

Developers now understand that it is great for people to be able to play 100% of the game, not just 20% of the game, to go at any stage into the game and enjoy a five minute blast or one or two hours.

Broadening will come as well through different experiences on the Xbox 360. We want one billion people to experience gaming in the next generation.

It seems big. It is big. It is double what it is today. It is about making this industry really mainstream entertainment.

Five years from now, I would like to be able to say we've achieved that.

What are you expecting from the next-generation of game consoles? What sorts of games are you looking forward to? Send us your comments.

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