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Last Updated: Thursday, 19 May, 2005, 14:57 GMT 15:57 UK
Big Brother kick-starts mobile TV
Nokia 6680
The Nokia 6680 handset will be launched next week
Orange will be among several 3G operators to offer mobile TV services this summer.

The initial line-up of nine channels includes ITN News, CNN and two channels dedicated to the reality shows Celebrity Love Island and Big Brother.

Rival 3G operator 3 will also be offering customers the chance to watch live action from the Big Brother house.

Orange TV will be streamed over the 3G network and will only be available to customers with a Nokia 6680 handset.

The Orange TV application can be downloaded free to the handset, which will also be launched next week.


ITN News
Big Brother
Celebrity Love Island
Comedy Time
Cartoon Network
Toon World
Fashion WOrld

O2 is set to begin trials of TV on mobiles in July in conjunction with NTL Broadcast.

Three hundred and fifty people will be involved in the 02 trial, which will have content from the Discovery Channel, CNN and the Cartoon Network.

Their usage of the service will be closely monitored as it is unclear yet how consumers will respond to mobile TV.

The trial will use DVB-H (digital video broadcast) technology which has been specifically developed to broadcast TV signals to mobiles, unlike the Orange system which streams the content via the 3G network.

Mobile TV could become a good money-spinner for mobile firms, desperate to recoup the huge sums they paid for 3G licences.

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