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How well do you know gadgets?
Christmas in US store

This Christmas is likely to see even more gadgets unwrapped than last year but how much do you really know about the devices you are buying for gizmo-hungry relatives or asking Santa to bring you?

Question 1
The iPod Nano is likely to be in many Christmas stockings this year, but what problem has been reported with the gadget?
A: Shortage of supplies
B: Scratched or cracked screens
C: Unpopular design
Question 2
The Rokr phone, the first mobile to play music via Apple's iTunes software, was released earlier this year, but how many songs does it store?
A: 100
B: 1,000
C: 10,000
Question 3
If your pockets are deep you might be investing in a new TV this Christmas but what is the current advantage of a plasma screen over an LCD one?
A: Larger screens
B: Better picture quality
C: Sets are cheaper
Question 4
If you want to make cheap calls to those relatives abroad this Christmas, a net telephony kit is for you. But do you know what SPIT is?
A: The acronym for the agreement between broadband providers and telephone companies
B: Spam that is sent over the broadband connection
C: The interference on the line
Question 5
You may be waiting for the release of the PlayStation 3 to spend your Christmas cash on, but do you know how much more powerful than the PlayStation 2 it will be in raw processing terms?
A: 25 times more powerful
B: 250 times more powerful
C: Impossible to say but it will be fast
Question 6
What was the greatest gadget of all time according to the US magazine Mobile PC?
A: Sony Walkman
B: Atari 7600
C: Apple Powerbook 100
Question 7
Music-playing mobiles were big in 2005 but what brand name did Sony Ericsson use for its phones?
A: Trinitron
B: Walkman
C: PlayStation
Question 8
The classic game Pac-Man is enjoying a renaissance on mobile phones but what inspired the game's designer?
A: Pizza
B: Bicycle wheel
C: Clock
Question 9
Which video game was pulled off the shelves in US stores for its hidden adult content?
A: 25 to Life
B: Manhunt
C: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Question 10
Which file-sharing network enjoyed a resurgence as Hollywood targeted the operators of BitTorrent networks?
A: Kazaa
B: Gnutella
C: Napster

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