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Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 April, 2005, 14:04 GMT 15:04 UK
Apple to unleash awaited Tiger OS
Apple iMac G5's on display
Tiger offers 200 new features
Apple has announced that the latest version of its Mac operating system will go on sale on April 29.

Code-named Tiger, the Mac OS X version 10.4 will have more than 200 new features, the company said.

This will include Spotlight, a desktop search technology that allows users to instantly find documents, images and e-mails stored on their computer.

The operating system will cost 89 for a single user licence and customers can pre-order online from Tuesday.


Another innovation - dubbed Dashboard - will allow users to access information such as weather forecasts, airline flights, currency converters and e-Bay auction trackers, available via mini-programs dubbed widgets.

Its instant messaging application iChat has also had some improvements, allowing users to create audio conferences for up to ten people and video conferences for up to four.

Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs described Tiger as the "most innovative and secure desktop operating system ever created".

"Tiger's groundbreaking new features like Spotlight and Dashboard will change the way people use their computers, and drive our competitors nuts trying to copy them," he said.

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