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Last Updated: Monday, 14 November 2005, 11:03 GMT
Players prepare for game Olympics
Screenshot from Halo 2, Microsoft
The UK is fielding a strong roster of players at the World Cyber Games
The UK will have a strong showing at the forthcoming World Cyber Games, the Olympics for computer game players.

In total 14 Britons are expected to travel to Singapore for the prestigious gaming tournament.

A further five members of Britain's top pro-gaming team Four Kings are also going along.

Following the world games, Four Kings member David Treacy will take part in the grand final of the Cyberathlete Professional League World Tour.

Cash call

The grand final of the World Cyber Games takes place from 16 - 20 November in Singapore and will see 800 gamers take each other on in six PC games and two Xbox titles.

CounterStrike - David Stocker (Splatio)
CounterStrike - Michael Walker (Shift)
CounterStrike - James Barker (Littleb)
CounterStrike - Mark Harwood (Phunky)
CounterStrike - Nick Morris (Rig)
Need for Speed - James Potts (acelethal)
Need for Speed Challenge - Robert Haxton (Xanthippus)
StarCraft BroodWar - Jamie John Hallam (Tot-Midian)
WarCraft III - Benjamin Baker (Landed Ben)
WarHammer - John Bryce (Viper)
Fifa Football 2005 - Stephen Hamilton (d'hamil)
Dead or Alive 2 - Richard Newton (Gruntdude
Total prize money on offer is $435,000 (250,000) and, like the Olympics, the top three in each game get gold, silver and bronze medals.

Britons will be taking part in almost every category at the World Cyber Games. Teams and individuals will take on the world at CounterStrike, Need for Speed Underground 2, Fifa Football 2005 and other games.

Two of the seven Four Kings Intel members taking part in the games are from the UK.

Newcomers Mark Thurston (aka Lal) and Dean Ruffell (aka Ruffell) are taking part in the Halo 2 tournament for Four Kings following their success at the UK finals for the WCG event.

The other five Four Kings Intel team members taking part play for the clan but are not British nationals. All are competing in the Warcraft III: Frozen Throne competition.

One of the favourites is Dutchman Manuel Schenkhuizen (aka Grubby) who won the gold medal in the 2004 Warcraft III tournament. Frenchmen and fellow Four Kings member Yoan Merlo (aka Tod) took the bronze in the same event.

Warcraft III - Manuel Schenkhuizen (Grubby)
Warcraft III - Yoan Merlo (Tod)
Warcraft III - Dae Hee Cho (Fov)
Warcraft III - Ivica Markovic (Zeus)
Warcraft III - Sebastian Pesic (Fury)
Halo 2 - Mark Thurston (La1)
Halo 2 - Dean Ruffell (Ruffell)
Soon after the WCG finishes, Four Kings member David Treacy (aka Zaccubus) will travel to New York for the grand final of the Cyberathlete Professional League World Tour on 22 November.

This globe hopping tournament has pitted players of the Painkiller shooter against each other at tour stops held in 10 nations around the world.

At each stop a prize pot of $50,000 (28,600) was shared among the top players.

In the grand final the prize pot will be $500,000 and the overall winner will walk away with $150,000.

Mr Treacy has steadily improved his rankings in several tour stops and rose to the number six position. If he can maintain this placing in the final event he stands to net a prize of $25,000.

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