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How much of a geek are you?
Find out how tech smart you with our hi-tech jargon quiz
A recent survey suggested that hi-tech jargon is proving tricky for many people to understand. Find out how technically smart you are with our quiz that tests how much you really know about the world of the web and computers.

Question 1
What is Javascript?
A: A writer's idea for a drama set in a New York coffee house.
B: A simple scripting language that lets people do clever things with webpages.
C: The storyboard for the remake of the film Krakatoa: East of Java.
Question 2
How many colours in the VGA display standard?
A: 16 million or 256 million
B: None, you've made it up
C: 16 or 256
Question 3
What is defragging?
A: A slang term for trying to convince your parents that you weren't up late playing Quake III Arena.
B: A charity event like rag week in which people dress up as computer game characters.
C: Cleaning up a hard drive to make it fetch data faster.
Question 4
Where would you be found grinding, kiting and pulling?
A: At the local blacksmith's training college.
B: In online games such as Everquest and World of Warcraft.
C: Down the pub on a Friday evening.
D: Stuck behind the keyboard as you defrag your hard drive.
Question 5
What does RSS stand for?
A: Rubbish Silly System
B: Really Salty Sushi
C: Really Secret Software
D: Really Simple Syndication
Question 6
In computer terms, what are cookies?
A: The free biscuits given out at vendors' booths at hi-tech trade shows.
B: Tiny text files installed on your computer when you visit websites so they can remember you.
C: Temporary workers who grind out computer code for a living and are hired and fired as needed.
Question 7
If you had Bluetooth on your mobile phone would that be
A: ...a good thing. It's a short range radio technology that lets you swap data with others.
B: ...a bad thing. It means the phone has crashed.
C: ...a very bad thing. It's a virus that eats all your contacts.
Question 8
If you were to Podcast what would you be doing?
A: Shelling peas from their pods and then throwing them on the compost heap.
B: Recording and publishing your own audio broadcast for consumption by owners of MP3 players.
C: Taking part in the National iPod Throwing Championships.
D: Using your iPod as a loudspeaker so you can do some karaoke.
Question 9
What does DRM stand for?
A: Digital Resource Manager
B: Data Reversed Macro
C: Dodgy Record Manager
D: Digital Rights Management
Question 10
If you knew C++ what would you be?
A: An average student, it's what teachers call kids that scrape through their exams.
B: A computer programmer, it's a programming language.
C: A sniper, it's a way of describing their keen sight.

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