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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 September 2005, 11:08 GMT 12:08 UK
Google unveils blog search site
Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Getty Images
Blogs helped in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
Google has unveiled a website that lets people search web journals or blogs.

The database behind the search site will index all weblogs not just the ones published on the Google-owned blog writing site Blogger.

Currently the index only holds blog postings from June 2005 but Google said it was working on ways to add older posts.

Via the site searchers can look up particular journals, authors or track down specific posts.

Index linked

According to blog search and indexing site Technorati there are more than 17 million webblogs which cover any and every subject. Most take the form of regularly updated journals that tackle a subject close to their authors' heart.

Weblogs or blogs have taken off as tools that make it easy to put them together have appeared.

Google will index all blogs that publish so-called feeds that automatically tell readers when they are updated. It will also gather data about blogs that tell other indexing sites about the entries they have made.

As well as searching via the dedicated blog search page, Blogger users will be able to look up other blogs via a special box on the web-journal writing site.

According to information Google published about the search service, it only started indexing blogs entries made from June 2005. But now it is looking at ways of indexing older posts.

Writing on his company blog Dave Sifry, founder and boss of Technorati, welcomed Google to the blogosphere and said the move was a "validation" of the blog writing phenomenon.

He said that he expected Google to start indexing all the text of weblogs soon not just the partial text found in feeds.

Google is not the first company to create a blog searching site. As well as Technorati other search sites such as Memeorandum also catalog web entries.

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