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Last Updated: Friday, 4 February, 2005, 15:14 GMT
Mech Assault powers up for sequel
By Darren Waters
BBC News technology staff

Mech Assault
Unleash hell on your opponents in Mech Assault
When Xbox Live, the online gaming component for Microsoft's black box, was unleashed Mech Assault was one of the first titles to embrace it.

The title was fun and brash but lacked any depth to give the game longevity, and online the title was a limited shoot and rush affair.

The sequel, Lone Wolf, looks to address many of the problems, offering a more involved single player campaign and greater wealth of online options.

Once again, the game centres on controlling a battle mech, a robot which you inhabit, unleashing a volley of gunfire on your opposition.

There are new weapons and new tricks galore, including the neat ability to hack into another battle mech, eject its pilot and steal the machine - effectively powering up your player.

But the game shifts dramatically from the original when you realise that the pilot can step out of the mech and go walkabout.

Format: Xbox
Graphics: 7
Sound: 8
Game play: 7
Enduring appeal: 8
Overall: 8

There is much more of a storyline than in the original, and it is the usual sci-fi hokum about a weapon of infinite power and threat to humanity.

The single player is quite short, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in sheer destructive power.

Few games offer as satisfying moments as when you topple a skyscraper or unleash your weapons of mass destruction.

Online there is more fun to be had.

The game offers the usual 12-player death match, last man standing and capture the flag modes.

But more intriguing is an ongoing online mode called Conquest - here players battle out to control the Mech Assault galaxy.

Unlike traditional console online titles - once the game is finished for you, it continues for other people online.

It essentially offers a glimpse of the sort of open-ended online experience that many PC gamers have had for years.

Visually, the game is good but not outstanding for an Xbox title, while the audio is top notch.


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