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Last Updated: Monday, 14 June, 2004, 09:17 GMT 10:17 UK
Nokia takes on clamshell rivals
Nokia 6260
Nokia looks to take a chunk of the clamshell market
The mobile phone giant Nokia has launched five new models which it hopes will help it win back customers.

The new phones include Nokia's first mass-market clamshells and what it says is the world's smallest 3G mobile.

The Finnish company has been losing out in the global handset market to rivals like Motorola and Samsung.

Its share fell to 28.9% in the first three months of the year, down from 34.6% in the same period in 2003, according to Gartner research.

"We have now sharpened our product portfolio in key areas, bringing new phones to the market in the mid-range, and adding more clamshells to our offering," said Nokia chief executive officer Jorma Ollila.

Folding range

Nokia has been facing growing competition, with many people opting for the folding design of its rivals.

Nokia 6630
6630: 3G, tri-band smartphone, 1.23 megapixel camera, MP3 player
6260: Tri-band clamshell smartphone, camera, swivel screen
6170: Tri-band clamshell, camera
2650: Dual-band clamshell, colour screen
2600: Dual-screen, colour screen
Analysts have pointed to weaknesses in the high and mid-range of its handset selection.

The Finnish firm is hoping to plug those gaps with its new range.

Among the new models is what Nokia says is the world's smallest 3G handset, the 6630, which comes with wireless e-mail, web browsing and other smartphone features.

It is expected to go on sale towards the end of the year and cost around 500 euros (333) without a contract.

Its clamshell designs include the 6260 smartphone, which is aimed at business professionals and comes with a swivel screen.

The triband handset is due to start shipping in the autumn and retail at 400 euros (266) without a contract

Nokia also launched a mid-range clamshell cameraphone, the 6170, and a low-end folding handset, the 2650.

The fifth model, the 2600, is a traditional low budget mobile.

"I feel that we will have a much sharper and competitive product range to meet the expectations of both consumers and operators," said Mr Ollila.

"All in all, we expect to launch a total of approximately 35 products globally this year."

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