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Last Updated: Friday, 23 April, 2004, 11:13 GMT 12:13 UK
Size is all for digital jukeboxes
Limp Bizkit in concert, AP
Music lovers appear to have a track limit
The perfect size for a portable music player is one that can hold 1,000 songs, a study suggests.

A survey carried out by Jupiter Research has found that almost all the consumers questioned were storing no more than 1,000 songs on their home PC.

Jupiter said digital music players with capacities of 5,000 songs will provide too much space for most people.

It added that consumers rate other features as highly as the ability to store all the songs held on their PC.

Portable problem

The survey asked people who already store music on their PC about their ideal portable music player.

Gadgets that can hold about 1,000 songs seem to hit the "sweet spot" for these consumers, said the report.

Dell Digital Jukebox, Dell
Consumers care about more than size
The finding seems to be borne out by the demand for Apple's Mini iPod. The global launch for this has been delayed by three months to ensure it can cope with demand.

Music players that can hold about 1,000 songs are starting to become more common. Creative has launched a version of its MuVo player with a 4GB hard drive onboard - the same size as found in the Mini iPod.

Unsurprisingly, the report said that 77% of those consumers thinking about buying a portable player would pick one that would hold the store of music they currently hold on their PC.

Jupiter research director Michael Gartenberg said the research helped to explain why portable players that can hold fewer than 1,000 songs have not sold well.

Consumers were also wary of gadgets that gave them too much storage space, such as those made by Creative, Archos and Dell.

But the report said that almost half of those thinking about buying a portable player, 45%, would like one that could play video.

The report speculated that this could lead a push to players with bigger hard drives on board.

Other features that matter to consumers are rechargeable batteries (55%), small size (52%) and the ability to connect it up to a PC (49%).

Few of those questioned had a preference for the format of the music being stored.

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