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Apple shows off new iMac in Paris
Apple's Philip Schiller shows off the new iMac
Apple says it is the thinnest desktop computer in the world
Apple has unveiled its next generation of desktop computers, the iMac G5, at the Apple Expo 2004 in Paris.

It is the first iMac to be powered by the high-speed G5 processors, used in its Power Macs, and is touted as the world's thinnest desktop computer.

Apple's first iMac was introduced in 1998 and quickly became popular because it was simply designed and easy to use.

More than 70,000 people are expected at the 2004 Expo, the main annual showcase for Apple products in Europe.

"Just like the iPod redefined portable digital music players, the new iMac G5 redefines what users expect from a consumer desktop," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing in his keynote speech.

17-inch widescreen LCD with 1440-by-900 pixels
1.6 GHz 64-bit PowerPC G5 processor
256MB of 400 MHz DDR SDRAM
Combo (DVD-ROM/CD-RW) optical drive
NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra graphics processor with 64MB video memory
Two FireWire 400, three USB 2.0, two USB 1.1 ports
10/100 BASE-T Ethernet networking, 56K V.92 modem
Internal support for AirPort Extreme wireless networking and Bluetooth
80GB Serial ATA hard drive running at 7200 rpm
Built-in stereo speakers and microphone
"With the entire system, including a gorgeous 17 or 20-inch display, just two inches thin, a lot of people will be wondering 'where did the computer go?'"

The two-inch thick new member of the Apple family is small, white, and has both a 1.8GHz G5 chip and a 17-inch or 20-inch screen.

It also supports a wireless keyboard and mouse, and the whole computer, including the power supply and slot-load optical drive, is built right into the display which sits on an aluminium foot.

A wi-fi Airport Extreme card and Bluetooth module are available as an optional extra.

The iMac G5 is expected to be available worldwide from mid-September, with prices starting from $1,299 (919).

Instant hit

The first iMac model was introduced to the world at the 1998 Expo, and quickly became a hit.

Since its launch, Apple has sold about 2.38 iMacs per minute, said Mr Schiller.

The Apple iMac
Apple introduced the iMac at the 1998 Expo
It was a translucent, all-in-one cathode-ray-tube design in multiple colours. Apple sold six million of them which helped it recover from three years of losses.

Apple has recently had massive success with its portable digital music device, the iPod, and its music download website, iTunes.

About 60% of its profits are still made through the sale of computers, however.

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