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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 March, 2004, 09:39 GMT
High price for ultimate gadgets
Nokia 6600
Nokia 6600: Object of desire
Gadget lovers will need a healthy bank balance if they want to own this year's must-have technology, according to Stuff Magazine.

Its top ten gadgets for 2004 will set the keen gadgeteer back a hefty 8,420.

With Apple's iPod and a plasma screen on the list, it is leisure pursuits that dominate Stuff's ultimate gizmo wish list.

The magazine predicts that Sony's portable PlayStation will be one of next year's most sought after gadgets.

Gadget love

The trend towards fun gizmos continues as home cinema, Microsoft's Xbox and a Personal Video Recorder all make the list, compiled annually by the consumer technology magazine.

Apple's iPod
Bluetooth Mobile (Nokia 6600)
MP3 Jukebox (Apple iPod)
Plasma Screen (Pioneer PDP-434HDE)
Home Cinema (Pioneer NS-DV990)
Personal Video Recorder (Sky+)
Digital Camera (Pentax Optio S4)
Games Console (Microsoft Xbox)
Wi-fi Laptop (Sony Vaio)
Wireless Network (Netgear)
Watch (Seiko Arctura Kinetic)
In contrast, the palmtop computer has dropped off the list for the first time in five years as other PC-connected gadgets fulfil the same function, with added benefits such as playing music and e-mailing.

Wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and wi-fi laptops continue to increase in popularity, with Nokia's Bluetooth-enabled handset the number one must-have gadget.

The male fondness for gadgets shows no signs of abating, said Tom Dunmore, editor of Stuff.

"Gadgets have come of age, they are as important to the modern man as the clothes he wears and the car he drives," he said.

And the modern gizmo-hungry man wants multi-functional gadgets he added.

"All we're waiting for now is a gadget that combines the iPod's music capacity and a mobile phone so you can download any song you fancy wherever you are," he said.

Gadgets are big business with the UK market alone worth an estimated 4.6 billion.

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