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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 February, 2004, 11:38 GMT
Virtual people get their own games
Screengrab from The Sims, EA
The Sims is all about socialising
Human players of The Sims, which gives them control over virtual people, can now have their creations run their own cities full of virtual people.

This has become possible thanks to a classic version of the SimCity game made for The Sims by keen player Steve Alvey.

Sims that do a good job of looking after their tiny, virtual city can earn a living from it as mayor and will slowly see their city grow in size as more citizens flock to it.

Since The Sims first went on sale in 2000 it has become one of the most successful computer games of all time.

The game lets players control the lives, loves and jobs of virtual people.

Making money

Interest has been maintained with a steady release of expansion packs for The Sims that lets players send their virtual people on holiday, date or become superstars.

Screengrab from SimCity 4, EA
Managing a virtual city is a real challenge
The game also allows players to create their own in-game extras that can be used to decorate the homes of the Sims they control or give the virtual people something else to do.

Now Steve Alvey, who maintains a Sims fan site call Sim Slice, has developed a version of the classic SimCity game that lets Sims play the city simulation game.

Just like the original Sim City game, Slice City gives players the job of creating a functional mini-metropolis populated by invisible virtual people that must be kept happy and be provided with all the social amenities they need while keeping pollution and crime under control.

Sims that do a good job of running the virtual-city-within-a-virtual-city will generate money that will help maintain their lifestyle in the world of the Sims.

Bad Slice City controllers will see their creation crumble and their profits dwindle to nothing.

Players can even buy extras for their Slice City such as a city hall, well-known monuments and even a marina.

Electronic Arts has kept interest in the original Sim City alive too by putting the classic game online so people can play it for free.

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