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Last Updated: Friday, 23 January, 2004, 11:33 GMT
Text messaging reaches new high
Graph of text messages sent 1999 to 2003
It seems Britain is still text message mad, with 2003 becoming yet another record year for mobile messaging.

A massive 20.5 billion SMS messages were sent over the four main mobile networks, said the Mobile Data Association, with 1.9 billion sent in December alone.

That compared with 16.8 billion the previous year, said the MDA.

Every year since records began in 1999, the volume of SMS messages has boomed as mobile ownership has grown.

Texting trends

With mobile operators and companies offering easier to use phones, colourful screens and speedier services, the texting trend is expected to continue into the next year, said Mike Short, Mobile Data Association (MDA) chairman.

New Year's Day 2004: 111 million, the highest recorded daily total
New Year's Day 2003: 100 million in a day for first time
Valentines Day 2003: 78 million sent, six times more than traditional cards
22 November 2003: 76 million sent when England won Rugby World Cup
14 August 2003: 67 million sent on day A-level results were announced
17 March 2003: 65.7 million sent on St Patrick's Day
May 2003: 65 million sent on last day of Premiership

The MDA has predicted that about 23 billion text messages will be fired off in 2004.

"With significant choice and competition in messaging services, the use of text is also evolving into picture messaging, Wap and instant messaging as people explore full range of mobile messaging services available to them," said Mr Short.

The figures for 2003 mean, on average, 55 million messages a day were sent, with New Year's Day 2004 the biggest day for SMS.

Other top texting days included 22 November, the day England won the rugby World Cup, when 76 million messages made their way through the networks.

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